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Re: Cupid Soup
Wrapcandy Addict SUPER STAR
Hi Kim and thank you for sharing these says! They're great!

Saying #1 and #3 are pretty long to put on a cocoa pack - if that's what you were going to do. I'd probably pick #2 because you'll be able to fit that on a cocoa pouch.

Hope this helps you!

Posted on: 2007/2/5 23:49
Karen L ~ Bella J Creations ~ Email: karenw771@comcast.net
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Cupid Soup
Quite a regular
I have the Cupid Soup verses below. I wanted to share them and get some ideas on which one to use for teachers. I thought maybe the fourth one. Any clip art to use on the tag would be aprreciated too.


Cupid Soup
The cupid soup is
Hot chocolate mix
A valentines Chocolate
And one of the See's candy sticks for a stirrer
Submitted by Paulette

Cupid Soup Verses
It's the eve of Valentine's Day,
it's time for bed.
But your eyes won't close.
You can't even doze.
So make a Cupid's mug o' soup
To help you fall asleep,
Then Cupid into your dreams will creep.
Pour this "soup" mixture into your mug,
With boiling water, then mix.
Then drop in the Cupid's special kiss,
and stir with the candy cane stick!
Add a few marshmallows,
And sip it slowly down.
Crawl into bed,
Cupid's arrow will soon be around.
1999~~TLC Creations

Cupid Soup Poem
When your love has left you cold
And your romance has the croup
Warm your little heart
With a little Cupid Soup!
Submitted by Shelley

Another Poem for the Cupid Soup
This "soup" would consist of a package of hot chocolate, some red hot hearts, and Hershey Kisses.
Valentine's Day is on it's way,
So I better get right to it...
I wouldn't want to miss the chance
To help you get right through it.
So I made a little something
To warm you through and through
And if that's not enough to do the trick
Just throw in a kiss or two!
If you want it a little more spicy,
to get that heart a thumpin...
Just add some red hot hearts,
That ought to get you jumpin!
Just stir it all together
And sip it 'til it's done
Sit back, relax, enjoy it,
Valentines fun has just begun!

Posted on: 2007/2/5 19:54
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