5 Easter Egg Hunt Tips for Mom

Easter egg hunts are a lot of fun for children, but can be exhausting for parents especially if you have a large family.

I used to let my youngest go out first since he would not find eggs as quickly as the older two boys, but there is a better way.   Here are 5 tips to make Easter Egg hunts fair and fun for everyone.

Tip Number 1  For your Easter Egg Hunt,  Let Each child hunt for their own egg color. This way you can set it up so it is equal in the end.   This is a headache saver.   Everyone gets the same amount so no one can whine or gloat about how much or little they found.

Tip Number 2  Plan in advance..  I know this seems simple and OBVIOUS, but I am the biggest procrastinator I know.  Maybe you can relate?  Planning a few days in advance is all you need.

Tip Number 3   Sort out the candy, money, prizes etc. into individual piles.   Sort of like an assembly line.   Then grab your eggs and start filling them equally. Remember to alternate between colors so that each of your Easter Egg Hunters will end up with the same bounty.

Tip Number 4     Keep track of how many eggs you have in the hunt.  It might be helpful to have a friend or spouse watch, or use your camera phone to snap a few quick shots as a reminder as you hide the eggs.   This may sound dumb but if you are hiding 100+ eggs, it is easy to forget where you put placed them.   I am guilty of this!

Tip Number 5    Hide them according to your child’s age.   Remember, your children or family members in the Easter Egg hunt are only able to get their own colored eggs.    Hide them in the open for young children, and make it more difficult for the older ones.



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Card in a box

Saw this idea, well its everywhere you can find a tutorial on splitcoasters.com or you can find it on youtube..its a box but now its a

Box pop up card for Geraldine 002card. So many ways you can decorate one these to fit any occasion. I did this one for a friends birthday.

Box pop up card for Geraldine 004

Box pop up card for Geraldine 001

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