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How to Create Custom Party Invitation Tickets

How to Create your Own Custom Party Invitation Tickets

See this page to download party tickets.
  Everything can be
changed in these designs.  Also, be sure to install the Barcode Font
before opening your software.

You can find the barcode font on


Card Stock or thick Photo Paper.

A paper cutter.

Optional Perforation tool (You can find it on Amazon and most craft

Link:   Cutting Board with Perforation Tool

Note:  This link is just a suggestion (Always compare prices and

Optional:  Clear Coat Spray:

 Krylon Clear Glaze

First, download and personalize the Party Invitation.  I suggest you
print out one to make sure your date, time, address and spelling is correct.
I find it very helpful to see the finished item for proofreading.

Next, use your cutting board to cut out your designs.

Optional Steps:

Spray your design with a Clear Glaze sealant and let it dry for at least 5
hours.  You may apply a second coat within 30 minutes, just be sure not
to touch it as it will leave finger prints.

Then use your perforation tool and run it over the dotted line so the ticket
stub can be easily removed.

That’s all there is to it!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  If you have any questions, feel free to
post on the forum!

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