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    Hi @billya. Thank you for joining us in the forum today. When you have some wrappers made, please show us what you did.
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    Glossy Paper

    I use Office Max Or Office Depot presentation paper. It is shiny and thin enough to bed around the candy without creasing.
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    Anyone wanna have some fun ???

    @Wrapster anxiously awaiting to see what you got
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    News Off Grid

    I am going to be off-grid this weekend (Friday-Sunday, August 12-14). Should you need anything message me and I will get back to you on Monday. Thanks
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    Hello everyone, Just an update. I am doing the best I can with what I do know with the forum. I am learning more and more all the time but I need help. I need help with answering questions. I need adivce. I only have you, you awesome members, to rely on. Ryan is out of the picture...
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    Don't you just love it?

    I agree with everything you said. Stay up there on the soap Yes, they were all up in arms and didn't want it to go away, that was one of the main reasons I stepped up and bought in to save it. I now think it was money wasted. Where are they now?
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    Question Photo Album Books
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    Don't you just love it?

    Don't you love it when people come onto the forum to look and acknowledge something posted? Even if they don't "snag" it, they let you know it was appreciated by "liking" it and telling you that they saw it. It warms my heart and soul that they do that. Thank you, everyone, for your support...
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    George Jetson's Birthday Is Today

    George Jetson's Birthday Is Today, We Are Officially In the Future
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    Question Goldfish (cracker)

    Will any of this work?
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    Question I'm having issue logging into WC 7.4, 503 error when registering

    Please do a search for issues with registering as there are many threads and help in them. I looked at your account and you only had 7.3 that was paid for. I fixed it Sign out completely from wrapcandy. Uninstall it. Go to your account page on wrapcandy and download the 7.4 link that is...
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    its been a few years

    Also, I looked up your account. You have the "FREE" version and it is no longer supported. I will fix this for you. Sign out completely of wrapcandy, uninstall the program, then go to your account page, reinstall it, and install it as "Run as Admin". After installed, go to a BLANK page of...
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    its been a few years

    Hi @mary2006 Welcome back First of all, if you are running Windows 11, @ryansaw Ryan has not purchased the proper Certificate Key needed for Windows 11 yet, so it will not work. There are several threads on this, search register and they will come up and read the solutions that helped...
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    message on wc files trying to open

    I don't know, I personally have not seen that message. Does anyone know? Can you send me a file in messages and let me look at it?
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    As you can see (circled in red) your membership has expired. I gave you a 6-month membership...

    As you can see (circled in red) your membership has expired. I gave you a 6-month membership free (circled in orange). Log out completely and then log back in, this should work so you can download things. Let me know should you need further help.