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    MOTHERS DAY - Please add to the thread

    Re shares
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    tutorials HOW TOs

    A couple of how to in my files.
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    Easter Thread ~ Be sure to add your own to the thread

    SOE re shares
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    SOE Re shares

    Just a bunch of SOE re shares that I didn't know where to put.
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    Birthday - Feel free to add your own

    A re share.
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    ISO ISO cheetah print backgrounds

    First 4 are with fur, last one not. Can be done in any color and size of spots can be changed.
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    ISO nurses week label

    Too cute Chris, thank you:):):)
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    ISO nurses week label

    Okay, in my defense, the Cricut was a gift. Thanks for the new link, I bookmarked it.
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    ISO nurses week label

    So..............................Chris, my friend, thank you (I think, because I just spent a bundle) for the links. Sadly, I have to report that I get INSTANT addictions. I am now addicted to the damn gnomes. They will never replace Taz in my favorites but they are a close second (until the...
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    ISO nurses week label

    You are awesome, thank you big time..........LOVE it:)
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    ISO nurses week label

    Thank you Chris, much appreciated. I did just manage to find the ones that were posted but the site you gave, also has some really neat stuff. I am really into the gnome thing right now. They aren't as good as Taz but still pretty damn cute. Again, thank you girl:):):)
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    ISO nurses week label

    poshpartymom, I am in love with the little nurse gnomes. Are they available for purchase somewhere? FOUND THEM:)
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    Birthday - Feel free to add your own

    Thank you all for the wonderful shares:) I haven't been creating or sharing as I have had some health issues. Hopefully I will get back to normal soon (well....normal for me lol).
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    RIP - HRH Prince Philip

    May he rest in peace
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    A Re-Introduce

    Welcome back Michele, glad to see you on here:)