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    Background Eraser

    I’ll try but video doesn’t play. It show there should be one but it’s blank.
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    Background Eraser

    Thank You, I knew I saw one somewhere. ❤️
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    Background Eraser

    I Maybe thought I saw a link to a background eraser on WC.... I can't seem to find it now. Maybe I'm just in the Ozone. Does anyone know of one I can use. I'm in the process of setting up my desk top so I can reinstall PaintShop Pro (the only one I have 12 I think) but need it before that...
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    Long time no see!

    Oh My, I’m so so so happy to see that WC is back up and running! I have missed this! I made lots of Graduation gifts last year when the kids couldn’t officially have a ceremony. They loved them and now I’m working on this years (already ordered), plus some Football ones (any ideas are...
  5. L my first orders since getting back into wrapping....

    Does anyone know if the standard candy bar wrapper envelopes are still available anywhere?