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    Craft Fair

    that is such a cute idea - very different -
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    it's so hard to find anything local, and if you find it, it's so much $
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    Active membership-can't register software

    everyone is lucky that YOU are here Jenel -
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    good morning - what you are doing IS appreciated - life has been overwhelming, and I don't get much play time, but I will try harder
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    News Birthday greetings

    Happy Belated Birthday !
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    News Say Something

    @latitude and @jenel - I will try to do better - thank you for all that you do
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    baby shower candy wrappers -

    it has been years since I used my wrapcandy - but my niece asked for wrappers for two showers that she was doing this summer - they were very well received - the nutrition pieces were from shares on the old forum, as well as the pregnant teddy bear
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    News Say Something

    Hi! sorry ladies - I will try to log in more - I do like to look since I found you again