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    I will try and do better also.
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    Well I haven't been around a lot for a few years. I pop in every now and then when Roberta would let me know we were back up. I see I have missed something - Ryan is no longer with us?? My software no longer works so what little I do is for my church so I just use Photoshop Elements...
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    Same here Jenel. I purchase all mine at Amazon now as I can't find locally.
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    News New moderator

    Congratulations Donna!
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    Nice to see the forum up and running!

    Happy to see familiar logins and new ones. I came back last year for a bit but couldn't get the forum to cooperate. It's been quite a while since I've been a regular. Shout out to Roberta for communicating from time to time!
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    A Re-Introduce

    Hello Lee!
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    I hit the Jackpot!!!

    I'm so jealous - I've lost 3 computers and countless backups.
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    Need Help with my Business Name

    How about just YaYa's or YaYa's Designs?
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    Hello everyone, glad WrapCandy is back up!

    Hi, I've been gone a long time - Paulette Woolfolk. I recognized a few member ids, but not all. I hope everyone is in good health.