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  1. ryansaw

    News Thank you Jenel

    I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for everything you have done for wrapcandy. Your unwavering commitment and dedication have been instrumental in keeping wrapcandy alive.
  2. ryansaw

    Recent Windows Update Breaks Default Text in Wrapcandy

    Rest assured, I am working on this daily and hope to have a solution soon.
  3. ryansaw

    Recent Windows Update Breaks Default Text in Wrapcandy

    As many of you know, the october 13th Windows update to .netframeworks breaks text in wrapcandy. I am working on a solution and will keep you posted. For those of you who need to print out orders today, you can get text to work by clicking the reset on the contour color. This works when...
  4. ryansaw

    Baby Driver license birth announcement candy wrappers

    I think Foilman was one of the creators of My lil' license. See this page from 2004
  5. ryansaw

    jersigirl still on here?

    I have not heard from her in years.
  6. ryansaw

    I've Been Away But Lately I'm Feeling the Urge to Get Back Into Candy Wrapping and Decorating Cans

    Hi Katie, Glad you are here! The board is not as active as it was but there are plenty of shares and reshares to help get you back into creating. The program and rules are essentially the same. I am most excited about is the designer gift editor...
  7. ryansaw

    Sad & Heartbroken

    It is really tough to lose someone close to you. Sending prayers your way Jenel.
  8. ryansaw

    haven't been around much

    Getting diagnosed with cancer during the pandemic must have been terrible. I am so glad you are okay and they got all the cancer out. Thank you Jesus. I am very sorry to learn about Chicklet. It's never easy to lose pet because they are family. In one of George Carlin comedy bits he...
  9. ryansaw

    Craft Fair

    How did it go? Did you have a good time?
  10. ryansaw

    Friends Board, Off Topic, Prayer Requests

    Read a good book lately? Had a great day? Need advice or encouragement? Worried about Covid? Have any Prayer requests? Create a topic in the friends board.
  11. ryansaw

    Old Forum

    No, I don't have any copy of the old forum online. But you can view it through the web archive but most of the pages were protected so you won't find many files to snag. July 1st 2008:
  12. ryansaw

    Question What acronyms are commonly used on the forum.

    I would like to make a list of acronyms we use on the forum such as SOE (Standard Open End) And SCE (Standard Closed End) What are the other ones members should know.
  13. ryansaw

    What would you like added to the forum?

    @wishfulthinker I will look and see if I can add an mark as unread feature.
  14. ryansaw

    What would you like added to the forum?

    lol. Thanks for the suggestions. A monthly club is something I am working on but it would make it free for members.
  15. ryansaw

    What would you like added to the forum?

    What would you like added to the forum / membership?
  16. ryansaw

    News Added Features: Quick Search, History and Find Threads to the Forum

    New features have been added to the forum History of Threads you have Recently Visited Quick Search Box Find Your Threads History of Threads (Get a list of threads you recently visited) This will make it easier to find posts you've recently read: How to access your history: Under the Forum...
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    Thats the message everyone starts with as a custom title. Roxy is correct. Edit it in your profile:
  18. ryansaw


    I would revert to the previous version and see if that helps. Download it on the following page: Close wrapcandy and install the previous version.
  19. ryansaw

    I saw this

    That is a good idea.
  20. ryansaw

    Funtastic Fonts - More Funtastic Fonts S-Z

    Here are Fonts S-Z that missing.
  21. ryansaw

    Error With Newest Upgrade

    Uninstall wrapcandy and download the version found on our downloads page:
  22. ryansaw

    Solved Purchased wrapcandy did not get receive it yet

    You have to register the software. click help and select register. Note a recent update to Windows 10 may require you to run the software in an elevated state to register. See this post for how to do that:
  23. ryansaw

    ISO Anyone Remembering lsb3

    I have my Fingers crossed for you.
  24. ryansaw

    Solved Purchased wrapcandy did not get receive it yet

    You can download the software from the main download page as well:
  25. ryansaw

    ISO Anyone Remembering lsb3

    I did a search and couldn't link that username/display name to any member.
  26. ryansaw

    Error With Newest Upgrade

    Could you send me the template that generated that error?
  27. ryansaw

    Need Help With The Program

    Due to a recent Windows update, wrapcandy must be run in an elevated state in order to register. Just go to your Programs Menu and RIGHT CLICK The Wrapcandy Program Icon Then Hover over MORE And Select Run as administrator Click Yes when the UAC message appears. Wrapcandy will...
  28. ryansaw

    Happy Birthday Ryan

    Thanks everyone. I had a great birthday. I spent most of it working on a web Mockup designer for candy wrappers. Working out some issues, but it's coming along well.
  29. ryansaw

    Need Help With The Program

    First check your firewall settings. Make sure wrapcandy can connect to the internet
  30. ryansaw

    Need Help With The Program

    @jenel, wrapcandy 7.4 for windows 10 is an update. Uninstall and then install the main download Install and register it, then install the Wrapcandy windows 10 update.
  31. ryansaw

    Need Help With The Program

    Hi Kim, I sent you an email as well as I am not sure if you saw Roxy's Answer which is Correct. To unlock the print and save functions, open the Wrapcandy Software, Click HELP in the top toolbar then select >> REGISTER. Then enter your login and select okay. You only need to do...
  32. ryansaw

    Error With Newest Upgrade

    I just tried it and couldn't reproduce the error. Would you send me the cwr file?
  33. ryansaw

    Keeps crashing!!

    It is very hard to troubleshoot without details. Are you selecting a font, adding an image, opening a template, copy and pasting when it stops responding? What version of windows are you using? Best guess is to try Turning off real time changes. Click Labels >> Settings and Uncheck real...
  34. ryansaw

    Solved Payment pending??

    It was from the support the forum link. In order to accept donations, it creates an invoice. You can safely ignore it.
  35. ryansaw

    News Overview of the Media Section

    This is just a quick overview to give you an idea of how the media section is set up and how to utilize the new area. I am sure you have noticed there is a Media Tab in the top navigation. If you click on media, it will take you to the media page where you can search and/or browse...
  36. ryansaw

    News What's New Forum Changes March 18th 2021

    Thumbnail is preferred for anything over 0.5 Megabytes.
  37. ryansaw

    Question What paper do you use for water bottles?

    Good to know. I used to order my shipping labels from them.