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  1. stevie5401

    baby shower / BaByQ wrappers

    Good Morning - made up wrappers for a friend's upcoming baby event - they match the invitations she purchased - the gingham background and bar code are from here, I purchased the sunflower clip art from Etsy, and created the nutritional info and ingredients with wrap candy
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    You Tube

    thank you so much for sharing this
  3. stevie5401

    Graduation Wrappers

    thank you - my husband and I didn't go to college, so for her to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree I hope that she will now try to make sure any children she has will be encouraged to go if they want to
  4. stevie5401

    Graduation Wrappers

    My daughter graduated college, and for her party I did Hershey's and Hershey's Special Dark (her favorite) - I used foils that I had so she chose assorted silver for the regular milk chocolate, and we did assorted reds for the special dark - I did 36 of each -
  5. stevie5401

    Flower Straws

    thank you for sharing so many creative ideas Jenel
  6. stevie5401

    Need help - cannot register Wrapcandy on my new computer (Windows 10)

    @jenel Thank you for everything you are doing to help everyone
  7. stevie5401

    Craft Sale March 2023

    inspirational - I am so trying to get out of this depression and find the energy to create again
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    "attach files" button

    I read this thread - and I have an attach files button here under this box - I wish I was more computer literate :(
  9. stevie5401

    What are your plans

    my daughter graduates college in May - I am hoping to start early on creating wrappers, etc
  10. stevie5401

    Don't you just love it? ♥ ♥

    Hopefully in 2023 more people will find their way back - the last few years have been rough - I know I did not realize for a long time that the forum was active again - thank you for all
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    News Say Something

    I hope everyone is safe with all the weather issues happening all over the county
  12. stevie5401

    Candy Cake for Christmas

    very cute ! thank you for sharing
  13. stevie5401

    Craft Fair

    that is such a cute idea - very different -
  14. stevie5401


    it's so hard to find anything local, and if you find it, it's so much $
  15. stevie5401

    Active membership-can't register software

    everyone is lucky that YOU are here Jenel -
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    good morning - what you are doing IS appreciated - life has been overwhelming, and I don't get much play time, but I will try harder
  17. stevie5401

    News Birthday greetings

    Happy Belated Birthday !
  18. stevie5401

    News Say Something

    @latitude and @jenel - I will try to do better - thank you for all that you do
  19. stevie5401

    baby shower candy wrappers -

    it has been years since I used my wrapcandy - but my niece asked for wrappers for two showers that she was doing this summer - they were very well received - the nutrition pieces were from shares on the old forum, as well as the pregnant teddy bear
  20. stevie5401

    News Say Something

    Hi! sorry ladies - I will try to log in more - I do like to look since I found you again