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  1. wishfulthinker

    Sushi Socks - Does Anyone Remember These?

    Not seen those before. Great idea though.
  2. wishfulthinker

    WC and Cricut

    I use my silhouette with wrapcandy sometimes, depending on what I am making. For choc bars, a normal cutter with slide ruler or scissors. For boxes, or more fiddly things, I will use silhouette (cricut does the same job)
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    Valentine Finished Products

    Good ideas and thank you for showing
  4. wishfulthinker


    Oh my, good luck @jenel. I am trying to show some of my designs on one sheet for selection purposes and that is taking forever. Feel for you with so many files to sort out. Sheesh.....
  5. wishfulthinker

    SSL Certificate

    I should be able to help a bit but not till later in the year (Dec/Jan). If I can any earlier, I will Jenel. Thank you.
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    Hey @jenel. I sincerely hope you last for a good many years yet! However, you are right in that life holds no guarantees and it is probably good that plans are set out for any such instances. This is, of course, especially true for anyone who is in the sort of position (work wise) that you are...
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    tutorials HOW TOs

    Thank you Donna (@latitude). I often use this when creating a 'foil effect' on a design. I am sure a lot of members will find this useful.
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    Oh my @jenel. What a dreadful worry for you. Hope he is recovering well and that you are coping too. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.
  9. wishfulthinker

    Getting 403 Error

    Not sure if @jenel can help further. But if she can she most certainly will.
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    @fvcye2 - The best way in wrapcandy is to copy your image and adjust the colour bar to give a solid background, i.e. white or black, send to back, and make it slightly larger giving you the image of an offset. Hope the attached helps @jenel and @latitude you did know just didn't realise!
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    Not heard of canva before. Had a quick look and it looks like it might be fun to use. Thank you @fvcye2
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    Off of forum

    Glad you have kept a sense of humour Jenel. As Donna said you will be all sorted in time for Christmas with a new smile to boot. Think of the good not eating solids must be doing. Oh, and perhaps the bonus of losing a pound or two. Glad your mouth is not too sore now and hope the next lot goes...
  13. wishfulthinker

    Spider Cupcake Wrappers

    Will wait and see what you come up with to emulate @jenel
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    Off of forum

    Hope all goes well for you. Good luck. 😁
  15. wishfulthinker

    Birthday Greetings Jenel

    hope you had a lovely day
  16. wishfulthinker

    Birthday Greetings Jenel

    Just seen that it is your birthday today. May I wish you a very happy day. Hope you are treated with lots of goodies and lots of love. Thank you for all you do @jenel. Have the best birthday.
  17. wishfulthinker

    Fall is here!

    I am impressed, particularly like the money tree. We were always told by our parents that money didn't grow on trees and you have proved them wrong!! Thank you for showing all your hard work Jenel
  18. wishfulthinker

    Happy Birthday

    Hope you had a lovely day @ellis
  19. wishfulthinker

    Getting 403 Error

    I concur with Donna. I can find my way around a software programme but anything that needs a bit more technical info goes in and out at the same time. Thank you though Jenel, I will try and remember this in the future!
  20. wishfulthinker

    Registering Wrap Candy Not Working

    Did Jenel come back after and suggest the following (on a different thread, posted at a different time to when you asked) If not, have you tried clearing ALL the cookies/cache on your computer. That sometimes works (not knowing what you...
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    Getting 403 Error

    @jenel - How do you even do that! I don't use my mobile for anything other than phoning, or sending wattsapp messages. Seriously, how do you connect through a cell phone? (Not just me that will be asking, I am sure)
  22. wishfulthinker

    How To Save At 300 DPI For Better Sharing & Printing

    I am sure someone will let you know Donna (@latitude). They usually do, lol.
  23. wishfulthinker

    New Moderator's

    Can confirm what Donna @latitude says, not too difficult to help as long as you are willing to try
  24. wishfulthinker

    Holiday Countdown

    Thank you @jenel. Inspiration is always needed!
  25. wishfulthinker


    Not sure if anyone else has found the same. But recently on wrapcandy, things are going a little haywire. Trying to select items, change text, move text seems to have been taken over by invisible sources! It was similar on other programmes but as I use WC most this is where it was noticed more...
  26. wishfulthinker

    Painting Party

    This sounds like a good idea. Hope someone can help you. I am sure people would be happy to pick designs. The rest, I have no idea BUT sure that someone will.
  27. wishfulthinker

    Links to old forums

    good luck @ellis
  28. wishfulthinker


    Couldn't agree more @latitude. I am impressed by anyone who does craft shows. They have to do such a lot of work and don't always get the results they deserve. Well done @jenel
  29. wishfulthinker

    baby shower / BaByQ wrappers

    Nice one @stevie5401 - appreciate your showing us.
  30. wishfulthinker

    How Can I Make a Donation to Wrapcandy?

    Thank you @Michelle.K - it is not only Jenel who appreciates any donations but it helps ALL of us on the forum too.
  31. wishfulthinker

    Where is everyone - We need You - Wrapcandy Needs YOU

    Only a cataract removal. Second eye Monday so will be able to see all those things I have forgotten about. Nice to watch TV and read subtitles (when telly is turned low)without squinting. Not nice but so worth it.
  32. wishfulthinker

    Can't print anything black

    Ooh err. My magic trick is turn it all off and start again. Not had your problem hope it sorts itself out. Good luck
  33. wishfulthinker

    Where is everyone - We need You - Wrapcandy Needs YOU

    Thank you. Second eye being done Monday so I am hoping I will be able to see computer again even if I need glasses for reading/computer. At least distance will be good. The operated eye is pretty good ..... Sadly it enables me to see dirt and dust much better🥴
  34. wishfulthinker

    Where is everyone - We need You - Wrapcandy Needs YOU

    Still here. Looking on as much as possible. Be glad to get other eye sorted. Feel a bit unbalanced at moment, lol. Sorry back as soon as I can
  35. wishfulthinker

    Can't register wrap candy software

    Thank you for helping @jenel. Clear and concise answer which obviously helped. Another happy customer.
  36. wishfulthinker


    Awesome Jenel. Thank you for showing
  37. wishfulthinker

    Craft Sale March 2023

    Great idea. I hated doing stalls though and quite often they charge a fortune before you sell anything. Even the local ones Good luck to anyone who does what Jenel & Bobbi (and others) have done
  38. wishfulthinker

    Graduation Wrappers

    Great job @stevie5401 on both your wrappers and on the success you achieved with bringing up your daughter. Well done.