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  1. Wrapster

    Anyone wanna have some fun ???

    Alright, I work a late shift tonight but after that I am off for two days, and aside from an errand into town and working with the horses... it's gonna be making all new stuff to share... haven't really decided whether I want to sell stuff yet or not so for now it's all shares :)
  2. Wrapster

    New Cumberland Farms Chocolate Bar Templates

    Long story short, the company I work for is being rebranded to Cumberland Farms over the next few months and didn't see any templates for their chocolate bars right off so I set about making some for the 2.15oz and 3.25oz bars.
  3. Wrapster

    Anyone using 3D Printers to make Stuff ???

    It can all be done... you'll see, this is going to be epic
  4. Wrapster

    Anyone using 3D Printers to make Stuff ???

    As I was sitting here talking to my wife we were running down ideas of things to offer this time around and something hit us like a freight train... I've been heavy into 3D printing for the past few years, started with one of the first home 3D printers to hit the market and now own several of...
  5. Wrapster

    Your Terms

    In a nutshell, any shares, files, pics, graphics, etc.. that I share is not to be reposted or made available to download for others to download who do not have rights to the files either by virtue of being a member of the forum, purchase from my website ( coming soon ), or any other means I...
  6. Wrapster

    Anyone wanna have some fun ???

    It's been something like 7 years since I've been here... guess it's time to blow the dust off things and get to making wrappers and graphics for ya'll to play with.