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  1. chocolatetrufle

    News Say Something

    Merry Christmas every one !!!
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    Pantone Colors

    i do take a look for color schemes in my shop .trendy colors the younger people like to go by.
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    You Tube

  4. chocolatetrufle

    Mother's Day money cards

    I just took the time to read them.OMG!!! lol
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    Color Catcher Tool

    Its probably hard to let go of his baby.Does he still sell he program?
  6. chocolatetrufle

    Christmas money cards

    what kind of money is that?
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    News Say Something

    happy November ladies
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    We are so lucky Jenel does this for us.I Personally am very grateful. Im one of the old ones and remember how it used to be.I cant design to save my life but love looking at all the creative pieces people have made.
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    News Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Young Lady!
  10. chocolatetrufle

    Prayers Needed

    hope you are back soon
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    Mug for my best friend

    i am crazy for your mugs !
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    thank you jenel
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    Question Goldfish (cracker)

    oooooooh yes !!!! Jenel you are my hero!!!
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    Question Goldfish (cracker)

    Would any one have a Goldfish (cracker) I used to have one but cant fine it. thanks rita
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    News Forum Fixes

    Thanks Ryan
  16. chocolatetrufle

    Hello old Wrapcandy friends (and new)!!!

    didnt you have the lil stick person when you were on? I always remember it welcome back. I would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas ! Please be safe and careful.I think we are all getting a lil nervous. we are in our second round of the virus here in new England. My store has not been...
  17. chocolatetrufle

    Glad we are back!

    thank you ryan !
  18. chocolatetrufle

    New Advanced Background Remover

    hi ryan so glad your back! its not converting? am i doing somthing perhaps wrong?