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  1. roberta

    Do Yourself A Favor

    Start out the new year on a good note, and make sure you organize right from the get-go when downloading. Also be sure to include the names of who made what you are saving/downloading. Also be sure to include the tou's (terms of use) for the person who made them. OMG folks, I have been with...
  2. roberta

    Missing WrapCandy *Family*

    As 2021 draws to an end, I find myself sitting here missing several of our *family* that we have lost in various ways over the years. Either lost because they have passed away such as Jenn, or lost because they have just disappeared such as Paula, LindaB, and others. Without any notice of...
  3. roberta

    Prayer Request Please

    First and foremost I want to ask for extra prayers for everyone affected by the horrific tornadoes and severe weather over the last few days. I wish I could help in so many ways, and I know we all do what we can. I feel terrible coming to you asking for prayers with everything others are going...
  4. roberta

    Craft Show Pictures

    My annual craft fair has come and gone for 2021, sure did miss it in 2020 but glad it was open again this year. These pictures are before it opened up, and also before I had everything out yet; so there was even more that was added to the table in the second picture; in fact there wasn't any...
  5. roberta

    Please Keep Carrie (2carrie) In Your Prayers

    For those of us who have been around for quite some time, you will remember our *family* member 2Carrie (Carrie Lee Ingram Triner). PLEASE say some extra prayers for her and her family. September 28th she lost her Grandmother. October 9th they said goodbye to her Grandmother. October 18th she...
  6. roberta

    A Prayer Request

    I am asking for my WrapCandy family to please pray for my nephew Brian. He had an aneurysm last night and isn't doing well. The good news is that he didn't have a stroke or a heart attack with it, so the doctors say that is a good sign. He however has fluid on the brain so they put in a tube to...
  7. roberta

    Welcome *home*

    OMG I just saw a couple more names from the original forum and it's wonderful to see you back *home* once again. I am loving seeing you all here again, and joining in to chit chat. Help and sharing too. Just everything. After the fact that it's been raining for quite a while now, sometimes...
  8. roberta

    Something To Ponder

    In life, you get what you put in. When you make a positive impact in someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life. Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those who are rude to you – not because they’re nice, but because you are. It’s important to remember that...
  9. roberta

    My New Etsy Banner (thank you Christine)

    My new Etsy Banner that I made with the special part that Christine made for me (bottom right corner). Thank you Christine, I love it! You gotta click on the name of it, to see the whole banner. Ok folks, for the banner part that I put together of various things I make (couldn't fit them all...
  10. roberta

    Chat Tab

    I just noticed (yes I'm blind sometimes) that there is a *Chat* tab up at the top now. So come on in sometimes folks so we can chat when others are around too. So much fun to chat in real time as well as posting in the forum. :D Hope to see folks there very soon!
  11. roberta

    ISO Anyone Remembering lsb3

    Does anyone remember a username on the forum of: lsb3 ? I have a couple of their SOE's but I can't find any terms with them so I was checking to see if anyone else has their TOU's. I searched members here on the forum but no lsb3 came up, for me to message them directly. Thanks for checking. :)
  12. roberta

    Error With Newest Upgrade

    Ryan [@ryansaw] I have the newest version (7.4.7739.11685) and when I make a wrapper I can then click on File > Save As Image > JPEG > etc and save it and it works just fine. However when I am trying to override a JPG that I already did, but I am changing something on it and want to replace it...
  13. roberta

    Extra Nail Files For Sale (updated 3/20/21)

    Clearing out my office/craft space & I have some extras of the designs for the nail files. If you would like any they are the normal .40¢ for each set of 2 (+ shipping). Each picture shows how many were originally available for that design but not what is currently available after some sold; so...
  14. roberta

    ISO ISO Chandapie

    I'm trying to locate one of the previous forum members, Chandapie. I looked in the members list but no luck; however several folks who are back now have changed usernames so one never knows for sure, LOL. Chandapie, are you here? Or does anyone here happen to know how to reach her? I have her...
  15. roberta

    How To Save At 300 DPI For Better Sharing & Printing

    A tutorial on how to save at 300 dpi (or 200 dpi) in the WrapCandy software. Saving at 300 dpi (or 200 dpi) will have your files print out crisp and clear and beautiful. Also, folks have their wrappers sized differently sometimes, and having the files at 300 dpi (or 200 dpi) allows them to...
  16. roberta

    A Hello & Some Forum Help/Suggestions

    I wanted to introduce myself plus give a heads up on a couple of things for sharing to help us all out. I'm Roberta (aka: Bobbi) and I have been with the wrapcandy forum "family" since Feb of 2005. I live in Southern Maryland; I'm married to a retired sailor; we have three sons, as well as a...