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    Solved My Time is Off........

    Is there a way to change my time zone? What time zone is wrap candy in anyways?!?!?!?! Thanks Yaya
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    Wrap Designers Needed

    Anyone know who create candy wraps? I dont know who to go to. Thanks in Advance Yaya
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    Social Media Marketing Courses

    Hi gang, I just came across a site, Udemy, that offers classes on a variety of business components. I am looking into taking a class on Social Media Marketing. Just sharing a little something! Yaya
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    Need Help with my Business Name

    Good Afternoon Wrappers I need your opinions and advice on my business name. I wanna be called YaYa (thats what my granddaughter calls me). Starting out, I want to offer: DIY candy wrappers--Personalized with the foil, glue stick and instructions. The consumer will provide the chocolate. (I...
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    Starting and Growing Your Business

    I was wondering if we can get a thread started that covers what others have found successful with starting and growing their business. I am currently pondering the following things Business Name Supply Vendors How to use Social Media Websites creation Business License Where to...
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    I hit the Jackpot!!!

    Since I got on WC, I began looking for the files I had 4 computers ago. And I finally found an old external drive with ALL and I do mean ALL of my previously purchased and snag wrappers!!! I feel like I just won the lottery!! Now to look through them all and organize them. I got a job to...