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    tutorials HOW TOs

    A couple of how to in my files.
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    SOE Re shares

    Just a bunch of SOE re shares that I didn't know where to put.
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    Remember these?

    Was looking through my files and saw these. I thought I'd post them as a reminder of some cute Easter things to make. I can't remember who shared them but I think the bunny cake idea might have been Vershell. Sorry, I think I posted these twice. Got distracted ~sigh~
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    St. Patrick Re Shares ~ Add Your Own!

    Shared these on the "Old" forum, but will share again for any newbies. Graphics were from "Barry's Place"
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    Question for Ryan

    In the future will we be able to click on "download all" like we did before?
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    Baby Stuff Shares From Old Forum

    These were things I shared back in 2016. Sill haven't got my creative juices back so re shares will have to do for now. All made by me, so you can do whatever you want with them, just don't claim as your own.
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    Christmas set

    This is a set that I shared on WC in 2015. Added some more.
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    Christmas Stuff

    So, I have still not found my Mo Jo so I will share things that I had shared before on the old Wrap Candy forum. Maybe some of the new members will be interested. Maybe I haven't mentioned it before but ..................... I HATE 2020!! But........stay tuned folks lol. Okay, I will have to...
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    July 4th Share ~ Feel Free to Add Your July 4th SHare

    These are some of the things from a set I shared back in 2016. The "Land Of The Free - Home Of The Brave" was a share from Mary Keller.