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    Mug for my best friend

    These are awesome I would love to learn how to do these mugs, just starting in sublimation and love it along with my favorite wrap candy. Would love to get the graphics.
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    How to download software on new computer

    I have searched the forum to find out how to download the software on my new computer, it is a Win11. I'm so lost on the forum and I've searched the older email I have to see if I can find a download but can't. I'm finally back in my house from the freeze back in Feb and want to start using my...
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    I'm Back wow what a difference

    I got an email from Bobbi saying that WC was back running again, life got in the way and I didn't connect. I had major damage to my home from the freeze here in Texas in February lost ALL my office equipment and supplies, its being gutted now and once I'm able I'll be on here more often to snag...