1. ryansaw

    Templates Nail File Book

    One from Paula, more in the post below: Here is the blank template with guides
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    Templates Pint Sized Jar Labels

  3. ryansaw

    Templates Quart Sized Jar Labels

  4. ryansaw

    Templates Dove Nugget

    Dove Nugget Template
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    Templates Snack Size Hershey Bars

  6. ryansaw

    Templates Hershey Mini Bar Templates

  7. ryansaw

    Templates Hershey Bar Box

  8. ryansaw

    Templates Hershey bar envelope 1.55 oz

  9. ryansaw

    Templates Choco Pocket

  10. ryansaw

    Templates 1.55 oz Hershey Bar Wrap Around Style

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    Templates Almond Joy Templates

    Feel free to add your almond joy templates. Originally Shared by paulakw
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    Templates 100 Grand Template

    Shared by paulakw Feel free to add your 100 Grand Templates to this thread.
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    Templates Ghiradelli Templates

    These were Shared by paulakw. Feel free to add any Ghiradelli Templates or Designs to this thread.
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    Templates Bon Bon Box

    Feel free, to snag and create your own. Instructions are included in the CWR files.