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I am so happy to see this forum is back. I have had this software for what seems like forever. I had a problem earlier today with it not being sent to my printer. I searched and did the update to 7.4 to see if that was it. I restarted my laptop and was able to print 2 pages. When I try to change my margins I get an error. It won't let me and it shows an error. I tried to just print a full page and I get an error. I am able to print from the web, but not from Wrapcandy. Any suggestions?


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Did you try restarting your computer?
Did you try another design just in case?
Are you able to print preview before sending to the printer?

An error message or screenshot would be helpful as well.

Tip, you can paste screenshots directly to the forum. Just hit the printscreen key on your keyboard to capture your screen, and right click and paste into the reply box here on the forum. It will paste and upload.

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