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I'm so sorry for not being around the forum recently. Since January all hell broke loose and it has been a mess. I had to go to TX for a couple of months dealing with a family death and issues with that involved, so I got WAY behind on everything. When you deal with things every day, not dealing with any of it for 2 months can set you back forever. I'm getting there slowly but surely. The only problem is every time I think I am almost caught up, hell breaks loose again and sticks me further behind again. My head is swirling with things to say the least. OMG I don't know which way is forward, backward, left, right, etc. I know I'll get there. 7 deaths since mid January can really throw you for a loop.

I know many of you are in the same boat, or even worse with things, and I am praying for all of you for anything and everything you need prayers for. Just please know you aren't alone, and you can always reach out to me, or someone else if not me, because locking things inside is NOT good in anyway!

My soapbox just fell over, so I'm off it now. HUGS and love to you all. Hope I can be around more once again. Hope I can get to designing things once again, and sharing them. Hope and pray we hear from @ryansaw VERY soon to get things back on track for everyone!

More hugs and love and prayers to all of you. Have missed my wrapcandy *family*.
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