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Good Afternoon Wrappers
I need your opinions and advice on my business name. I wanna be called YaYa (thats what my granddaughter calls me). Starting out, I want to offer:
  • DIY candy wrappers--Personalized with the foil, glue stick and instructions. The consumer will provide the chocolate. (I will do wrappers for SOE, Mini, Snack, and Lollipops)
  • Gift Cans/Baskets--Personalized with wrapped candy and trinkets.
So what do you think about:

YaYa's Stuff 'n Thangs
"Pizazzy Printables and Gift Cans"

YaYa's Pizazzily Thingamabobs
"Party Printables and Gifts"

Yaya's Pizazzliers "Party and Gift Thingamabobs"

So which one do you like? Can you suggest improvements?
Thanks So Much in Advance.



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They are all good but maybe you could incorporate something about what it is you wrap or make wrappers for in the business name itself.
When I first look at them, it doesn't tell me what it is you do, unless you go further and read underneath. Being the impatient person I am, If I am looking for something in particular and the business name doesn't tell me it is about what I am looking for I move on. Just my opinion though.
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