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This is just a quick overview to give you an idea of how the media section is set up and how to utilize the new area.

I am sure you have noticed there is a Media Tab in the top navigation.


If you click on media, it will take you to the media page where you can search and/or browse attachments.

Currently attachments that were uploaded to the Pro Forum are mirrored Pro Attachments folder and you can browse, search or comment on them.
You can also find the original post.

Note, if the original post is deleted, it will no longer be in the media section


Feel free to ask questions. I will try to answer them by the end of the night.
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Just went and checked it out. It is so neat, again thank you:)

What I really liked was when I clicked on "Your Media" it showed up all the things I shared.
For me this is awesome because I couldn't remember what I had previously shared.
I know, I should keep track, and always have before but life has made this normally anally
organized person into a just a guest in my home. I am hoping to give the guest an eviction
notice soon and move back in lol.
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