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Something that has bothered me for a while now, and I feel I want to say something. These are a few of the things that have bugged me and have turned me off from buying products. By all means, I am not perfect and not intended to be spelling and grammar police, but think about this.

How professional are you?

Dear Professional Business People;

When you are making a post, whether it be in a group, on your business page, or on your personal page, Please get out a dictionary or use error-correct and most importantly proper grammar. DO NOT SWEAR!

Know the difference and how to use the following:
there, their, they're. Your, you're, No and Know, Write and right, then and than, sale and sell, etc.. Witch- Which is correct.... a app or an app? Also..... text shortcuts like UR for your are and others.

How about CHEAP vs. Inexpensive? Cheap mean lousy and lousy means inferior. Using the proper word and grammar is not only a reflection of your business but you.

When doing live videos, may I suggest that you don't play with your hair, pick or scratch your face, or adjust your clothing? Try to keep children and/or pets from interrupting and screaming. Don't yell at them to be quiet, do the video while they are napping. Put the animals outside or in another room.

When taking pictures, beware of your background. Do you know how many I have seen with a trashed house in the background? Makes me wonder about the business. Just not your business pictures but personal ones too. It still reflects.

I could go on but I feel that you may have gotten the idea.

Getting off my soap box now..... thanks for reading my vent.