Terms For Downloading and Uploading On The Forum~Must Read~Everyone SHALL comment that they have read these, a "like" or "love" will not do.


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Please read this before downloading, uploading, or using anything from the forum to free yourself and others from infringements or legal actions.

Everyone SHALL comment that they have read these, a "like" or "love" will not do. Thanks

Licensed images and graphics are allowed to be used for personal only use unless you have a license from them to use on your website. Licensed images are like Disney, DC Comics, Marvel, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, etc. Otherwise, you use them at your own risk and will not hold wrapcandy liable for any legal actions that may occur from using the licensed images, graphics, or products without written permission.

When using any shares that are shared by members, please follow the terms of the individual member. Please follow all terms set forth by the forum and individual members. Some members require you to have a license from them to share their products, be aware of ALL terms and terms shall be posted on the individual share or in the signature line.

When uploading to the forum be sure that you have "permission" or the "rights" to do so should it not be of your own creation. Must give credit to the original poster

🚫 DO NOT give any forum shares away, re-post, or sell on the Internet in any form on any platform without written permission from the owner(s). Under no circumstances can the individual graphics be shared on any other forum or anywhere on the Internet as is WITHOUT permission from the original owner.

🚫 Do NOT claim as your own, give credit where credit is due. Have any questions on any terms, ask the owner of the share(s) to clarify the terms.

These terms can and will be revised or modified at any time at the discretion or needs of the Administrator(s) and Moderator(s)

Everyone SHALL comment that they have read these, a "like" or "love" will not do. Thanks
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