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@ryansaw, are you back to stay?

Ryan, you created a great program and a wonderful forum and Jenel has done everything she can, to as you say, keep it alive
but she can only do so much with the tools and knowledge she was given. We would like to see you back to stay but if that is
not in your plans could you please give her the rest of the tools and information she needs to keep it going. We don't want to see Wrapcandy


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I second and third and fourth everything, etc. She has kept everything going as best as she can with what she has to work with, but she needs your help with some things; and folks are helping as much as they can. But YOU ARE NEEDED!!

@ryansaw PLEASE PLEASE stick around this time, we MISS you TOO much when you disappear and we HATE not knowing if you are alive and well. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you, that you will get well and remain well. We love you, you know! It's been TOO long that we've all been a *family* and we aim to keep it that way!

We DO NOT want to see WrapCandy (or the forum) go anywhere, as Donna said. So please stick around and help Jenel get it all settled so it can be taken care of properly as I know you would want it to be. Well, we REALLY hope you'll stick around completely and always!

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