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i am having a little trouble, i was gifted a new pc windows 11 but i can't seem to remove the wrapcandy software out of Beta. please help
Hey Jenel,
Im need help on where to start. Im a long time member from way back and haven't been on ar active in years. I just dont know where to start. I have a new computer and no files or downloads for the program. Where do I start?

Do I have to pay again for the program?
What is your log in name and I will check things out for you first to see what you have active
Hi Everyone, I just realized it's been ten years since I've been on Wrap Candy. Boy where did the time go. I'm trying to figure all this out again. I'm not as young as I use to be so I'm a little slower than before. Where to I find out the dimensions for the gallon paint cans again? Thank you so much in advance for all your help.
the one I use is 10.5x7.3 and the lid is 5.3x5.3 Hope this helps!!
Good afternoon Jenel
I am looking for anything to do with BBQ'S or Picnics. I am trying to get things ready for our BBQ this summer. I know I have some things but I can't seem to find anything. Do you know of anything.
Thank you in advance.
How do I save a label as a pdf or any other file so I can send to a printer?
You should be able to save "as image" under file in WC using BMP, JPEG or PNG. You can also save as pdf again under file in WC. You can print directly from WC or if you import into a word (for example) programme you can print from there.
Hope this helps
Good morning everyone
Good morning to you too, except it's afternoon now here lol.
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Good morning Jenel
I was looking for a Candy Bar wrapper for the mailman or postal service. I know someone shared one before. I have one somewhere but i can't find mine. I want to make our mailman a Hershey Bar and put it in our mailbox. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Carol B
Hello I am in urgent need of a few Halloween mini alpha sets. Customers wanting to place an order. I seen to not have the entire set of letters. HELP!
(Halloween Ghost Alpha Set and Halloween Checkered Alphabet)
Hello, It has been years since I've used Wrap Candy program. Has anything been updated since 2013? How would you rate the program now?
Aloha, it’s been way to long. I am trying to get Wrap Candy installed on my iPad and it seem that it can’t be unzipped. Please help. Mahalo
thank you so much.
It’s still only a windows program. Will it be available for mac
The only way I know to run it on a Mac is to buy the "Parallels Program" or use the free "Bootcamp" that comes with Mac.
were does everyone get there templates from
At the top of the forum, there are links (home, forums, what's new, members). Click on 'forums' and then you will be able to see bunches of stuff. There is a forum there where you can get a bunch of blank templates to work with in the program. There are also a bunch of templates that folks have shared there as well. I hope that helps. :)

How do I re-load my software? I've had two computers crash on me and my software with them. Thanks for your help.

Sheri Fanek
Hi! I have not been on for quite some time. I noticed the color match (dropper) doesn't work in my WrapCandy Professional version any longer. Is there a reason why? Thanks in advance.
Can't help because mine works okay. Someone will probably come on with some help though:)
It's been quite a while since I've been here...
Is the color picker and lock images still available?
Donna (Ballouga)
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Thanks where do i find them?
When you open WC to create something, the color picker tool is the eyedropper on the left side (3rd from the bottom)
If you click on Edit, the lock & unlock images are there. Welcome back:)
Hello My name is olga I los my software and the back up is good till 2023 but I buy a new to upgrade it but I do not know how to download it and do not address me to it.