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  • YAY finally getting to get back on here,loll
    For the old forum...go into the forum on this page Wrapcandy Annoucement - Ryan has a post in there called Old Forum the link is there.
    let us know what you need help with Ryan
    idk what theme i have but is blue bars..and my start a thread is at the top, hm
    To start a new post, just go to any forum, at the top you will see Start a new Thread
    Rlschneider - what type of membership do you have?
    Good morning. I found a disk I had backed the set up on that I was looking for and it looks like I can get WrapCandy back on my computer by downloading it. That was my other problem. It's been mysteriously deleted off my computer and I can't find my disk. So I'm gonna see what I can do. Thank you kindly for your information.
    I responded to your post John.
    Good morning maxluv. I'm having the worst time right now. I'm a ole school fool and I don't understand this new set up here on the forum and I've lost a set I'd gotten from Wrapperville and look they've disappeared. What's going on? Does anyone have some of their sets? Ugh!
    whyme4651 go to any forum, click on it and at the top of the page you will see Post a New Thread.
    As soon as Paula's gets online im sure she will fix it..
    Hey MsJaay, yes been a minute..glad to see you popping in..
    humholl - start a thread.
    Christine if you paid 3-7-13 then your elite membership is up, its for 1 yr would be 3-7-14 when it expired.
    Ling it is not showing you as an Elite member? What error msg are you getting?
    Monty1969 you should be able to d/l things from the public board, you have to be an Elite or Team WC member to get other items.
    always a good day when you wake up to see the light.. order to post on this you had to be logged in?? When i came on just now i didnt get a box to post, i had to login.
    kazoo - click on the envelope at the top of the page next to your name..and start a conversation that is a way to PM a person
    WOW.. at least now im able to log in with my old logon..had no issue
    did you know you can upload more then one item at a time on this forum, yay..just uploaded 4 pictures at once
    Nice to see both sites are up..ppl better come on over here,lol
    I just tried to do a sig line did 31 letters it said its 31 letters to long, lol. changed the font down to 1 still same error
    Have to think positive..change is a good thing, this board will be fresh, every link will work,lol
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