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  • Paula, I am trying to purchase your membership. Can you please assist me.
    Nat - I sent you a personal message with some info
    ajones76 - if you post your questions to the forum we can better help you...these profile posts limit the number of words we can use
    I sent you a personal message with some information Angela
    Good morning Paula,

    I am so confused with the new site. I am not having any luck. I was searching for baby shower, bow ties, and I keep coming up with zilch. I don't know what to do.
    Hello Paula, I am newly back.... and really confused to the new pages. Whats new that people are making?
    Hello Paula,

    Regarding access to the mega download for 7.3, I have Limited Time Promotion Wrapcandy 7.3 Basic Free 1 Year Team Wrapcandy Membership - expires 03/22/16 do I need more than that. I am really confused. Please help.
    I need help.... I'm so confused. I used this program quite often a few years back. Well now I see how much it has changed! I search for 'baby shower' and it brings nothing up. I'm looking for different baby shower ideas/wrappers. Also I'm not sure how to open a WC/graphic, etc. Can you please help me!
    Oh I hope you or someone can help me before I go crazy. Years back I used this program quite often, and it was quite easy. Well now when I'm back into it I'm totally lost! I search for 'baby shower' and brings nothing up? What is the best way to seearch. How do I save a wrapper/file/graphic to my computer? I'm so frustrated! I'm not sure where to ask questions either, not sure if this is the right place??
    several sizes for play dough..if you can tell us what size you need, we can better help you
    Hi Paula. I can see that you replied to my post but while it let me post in that forum, I can't open my own post. lol. Therefore I can't see your reply. I am in a world of mess here. lol. Can you reply this way?
    Have you heard anything from Lucie & Eldon? I was just wondering if they are okay because they haven't been on here for a couple of months.
    > kjohnston I sent you a personal message about your account details
    Hi Paula, I am having issues with my account. It won't let me open any links and say I do not have access. It says I have a 'Free Support Account'. I think it was different before. I have been a member since 2012. Although, I still consider myself a newbie as I have yet to start making candy I am trying to find the newbie section but I can't find it.
    Can someone get a message to Paula for me. And tell her if she can email at

    Thank You!
    Paula can you help me. I have not been on wrapcandy this year. Everything has changed. How do I view post? I can not figure out anything.
    the points are just a fun thing Ryan get points for visiting the forum, points for posting comments, points for sharing etc
    Hi Paulakw, I haven't been to the site for a long time, tried to visit a few times, but was to confused as to how things have changed. Can someone explain what the points and things are under my name. I love wrapping candy, but just haven't had the time. Thank you
    Hi paulakw, Can you tell me where I could purchase the matchbook size nail files? Thank you.
    Changing my settings or background style doesn't work. When I click save it gives me an error message. I can't even reply to your reply below this one. I was able to reply to one post a few minutes ago and now back to the same thing. :/
    I don't know what's going on. I see your reply about the k-cups but I cannot reply to anything on the forum. The reply boxes are gone and the download feature is messed up. My whole screen has gone crazy but only on wrapcandy. Does it in both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Hmmm
    I was trying to look at shares on the old forum and when I click on a share post it takes me to the new forum. Are the shares on the old forum no longer available? If they are not available I will share more of my items that I shared on the old forum on this one.
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