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  • Hello luvs! I was on wrapcandy forums so very long ago, and so many rules have changed. I can't download anything. Not sure what I am doing wrong, or where to begin.
    Please help.
    Good Afternoon,

    I just purchased my WrapCandy yesterday & I am learning to navigate on the forum & excited to get started!!. I was hoping you could tell me the correct way to download any backgrounds or images here on the forum. Thanks so very much & have a great weekend!!.
    Sorry to bother you. I seem to be unable to find the old forum. Is there a way to do a search in the new forum? I am also trying to order the 3 Wrapper Club Month Membership but when I click the link it says I don't have $20.00. Thanks for all you do!
    Paula, I joined your Wrapper Club earlier today. How do I access it?
    Me Too Paula!
    other than is good !
    Hey Paula >> How you doing? the saying on your new avatar! True enough!
    Happy Birthday KarenPhoto !!
    Paula, can you make the God so loved the world to spell out Valentine on one of the Hearts you made with the sixlets legs
    Is there some way to know if you downloaded a share so you don't do it again? I know in the old forum if you commented on a share it showed a little symbol beside the post in the list. I also thank everyone that I snag a share from because they were kind enough to share it.
    I haven't had a "Like Button" on the shares for about 3 days. Is everyone else having this problem? I always like to "like" the shares to show my appreciation.

    LOL...I just noticed...there is one at the top and one at the bottom...I have just always used the one at the bottom !
    ...start a new thread is at the bottom on my view, we must have different forum themes & it must change as to what theme is selected!
    Hi Paula,
    Could you please help me. I kinda forget how to start a new post. I want to ask anyone if they know where I can get faux graphics of My Little Pony. My granddaughters birthday party is next Saturday and she want the theme of My Little Pony. I would even purchase them. If you could help me I would appreciate it.
    Thank you,
    Paula I am not able to access the wrapper club. I purchased it 12/26/2014 for 6 months and am not able to download
    Can you please tell me how to start a new topic.
    Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas !
    sorry for the delay colleen, you should be set now, please check and notify me if you are still having problems! thanks
    hi paula i made to the new forum and you me i last all the nail file that get from the old forum exspecaily the one that was a set from call sew special can help me find some that you
    Paula, I am not navigating the new site too well so hope you'll point me in the right direction if I am doing it all wrong. I am looking for someone that could help me out with some photo editing - but didn't know how to post it to the forum. Can you help me out? Thanks in advance.
    Hmmm being the most noted member here, me thinks you need a special cover banner for this page :D
    appreciate all the time and energy you put into the forum Ryan ! thanks
    sent you a message kazoo
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