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  • I have been a member for years and recently started again. My ? Is I heave wrapcandy on my desktop computer but recently purchased a Microsoft surface 3 how do I download from my old computer to my new tablet? Is there something in my profile I need to do? Thank you.
    Ryan, I am still waiting for the purchase of the Elite Plus Membership. Please Help! Did you get my emails?
    Ryan, how do I purchase package for all shares and how much is it?
    Ryan,I've been a member for years,only do crafting for family and friends,everything has changed on wrapcandy and can't figure it out. I can not download or get wraps for me,what do I have to do to get printing out some of these crafts. thanks for any help
    I sent you $49.00 via PayPal for new membership on Aug. 10th - Transaction ID 47L85441M32853613.
    I downloaded 7.4 on the website and it will not let me register.
    Also, I have lost 7.3 when my computer crashed. Do I need that also?
    @aszegedi Glad you are getting the hang of the forum. This is one of the best places to visit for party favors!
    New Stores Launching
    I have not been on wrapcandy this year. I can not figure out how to pull up post, download or anything can you help me?
    @therese , I think you are all sorted out, but if not, let me know.
    There is a plan for points in the future, but right now they are for bragging rights.
    I need Coffee
    I am working on the forum now. Those that are having trouble logging in should first try clearing their cookies and internet cache.
    Hello ...I cant access anything on the forum what am i missing?
    Happy Birthday Ryan. Thank You for all you do. Lucie
    I purchased the dime sale special but cannot find the download link.
    Thank you for the help.
    Hello Ryan
    I also have a new computer, I know I am not update as the original disk that I still have is 7.0. However should I put that in this computer to get started. I can't access the forums right now. Please let me know what I should do. tammyleonard@wowway.com Thanks so much.
    Hi Ryan,
    I ordered Paula's New Club in February.Haven't received any bonus items if you sent them. I paid via PayPal.

    Ann Murray (nannaof2queens)
    If you Ordered Paula's NEW Club, please send your receipt to me via Private message or catch me at my desk. I will add you.
    If You Ordered Paula's NEW Club, please be sure to send me a Message via the Ticket desk or Send me A PM/
    Oh It will be nice to be finished
    i am a lifetimane member and I cant acess /download anything
    I will as soon as I open the forum back up.
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