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Feb 2, 2005
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March 30
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Seattle WA
President of Wrapcandy.com

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Get Lifetime Updates.., Male, from Seattle WA

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The Reunion is a lot of work.. Jun 22, 2017

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Mar 6, 2018
    1. Wrapcandy
      The Reunion is a lot of work..
    2. Wrapcandy
    3. Wrapcandy
      i was pretty certain I could do anything 10 years ago. I was right until i stopped believing. Being Delusional isn't always bad lol
      1. paulakw
        can't get much "truer" than that !! LOL
        ...delusional is a great place to live...
        when we are young we believe (and are encouraged to believe) that we can do anything .....but then life steps in and tells us we are wrong ...we would all be far better off if we held on to the faith of a child!!
        Apr 9, 2017
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    4. Wrapcandy
      I ran out of pokeballs... That is going to make this so much harder.
    5. Wrapcandy
      Breathing Life into the Forum
    6. rlschneider
      Hello Ryan, I have an issue, I am paying for a Elite membership on a monthly basis, it automatically coming out of my Discover Card for 9.99, but I can't view any post on the Elite post, please let me know if I will be able to view and download post on the Elite link, if not please reimburse me all the money that Wrapcandy has been charging my Discover Card. Thank you very much, Rhonda
    7. skitzy3
      I am very confused. I joined years ago for the lifetime membership. I had to stop for a bit and now I am back on but can't seem to access printing on the design page. What else must I sign up for to have the availability of that?? Do not need the elite.. Just the normal pro version I purchased.. PLEASEHELP
    8. huskystar
      Please Help. How and where do I post to on this forum? Paying for I guess the elite business membership which I really cannot afford. But got any way the $19.00 a month for 12 months, which comes to almost $200 after continue paying for. But I am not finding stuff to help me start a business etc. like on the old post. I have had wrap candy for a long time. How to change my to my new e-mail?
    9. huskystar
      Ryan Why do I keep showing as a guest all the time. I have been a member since 2008. I still get you do not have permission to view this page or perform this action, when I try to download anything . someone keep telling me that I am paying 2.99 for something when I know I paid the 4.99 for the elite a while ago . things on my membership page is wrong I even paid the 29.00 when 7.4 was offered etc. Pleas ehelp
    10. huskystar
      Ryan I still cannot access the graphics and templates. It tell me I do not have access to that information. I have had wrap candy for years. I pay the $ 2.99 a month suppose to be an elite member. I have emailed you several times. Scared to order anything else until I get this straighten out. 2.99 a month adds up to a lot of money after a year of paying and cannot get to anything. Please help!
      1. sheryld5543
        Im going through the same thing. The 2.99 has been coming out of my account for over a year and I have zero to show for it. I understand you may not be able to access some sites, BUT, Id like to at least be able to download what Im paying for, even just to see it..lol..I really miss the old site. There isnt one single thing I can access here.
        Oct 1, 2016
    11. sammy
      Ryan could you please let me know why I cannot access the old forum I need some medical graphics and unable to get anywhere in the old forum thanks so very much sammy
    12. Wrapcandy
      Thankful that I enjoy what I do, or I simply couldn't do it :o)
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    13. Wrapcandy
      Thanks for all Your Help!
    14. Wrapcandy
      Hi Kristen, it certainly can be addicting.
    15. Wrapcandy
      Holiday went by too quickly
      1. wishfulthinker
        what holiday is that Ryan. We are on half term here this week....
        Jun 2, 2016
      2. Wrapcandy
        Oh it was Memorial Day Weekend. It is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the armed forces. It is always the last Monday in May.
        Jun 3, 2016
        sammy likes this.
    16. Wrapcandy
    17. karenphoto
      I'm getting this message when I'm trying to look at posts. Where do I go to look at my 8 pms. I don't know what this is all about so please help.
      Hello karenphoto, you have 8 unread pm(s) from admin. You are not allowed to browse the forum until you read them.
      1. Wrapcandy likes this.
      2. Wrapcandy
        May 19, 2016
      3. Wrapcandy
        I will turn off that requirement for Elite and Elite Plus Members
        May 19, 2016
        kazoo likes this.
    18. Wrapcandy
      Inspired By Nintendo Super Mario
    19. Wrapcandy
      Captain America Like paint Can Mock Up
    20. Wrapcandy
      Baby on Board Instant Nutrition Fact
    21. Wrapcandy
      Wrap Anything
      1. wishfulthinker likes this.
    22. Wrapcandy
      Thanks Ladies. I'm 30 for the 8th time.
    23. Wrapcandy
      These were made by Ms Kathy from Dazlemania.com You can get them from here
    24. Wrapcandy
      These were made by Ms Kathy from Dazlemania.com You can get them from here
    25. Wrapcandy
      Happy New Year!
      1. wishfulthinker
        Happy New Year to you and yours too Ryan
        Jan 1, 2016
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    March 30
    Home Page:
    Seattle WA
    President of Wrapcandy.com
    President of Wrapcandy.com
    Board of Directors ICN/Matsiko
    Part time Karaoke Host
    Software Developer, Web host, Online Marketer, Motivator


    To Your Success,

    Ryan Sawyer
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