Saving A File To Share

Saving A File To Share

  1. roberta
    I tried to find where this was shared before, so I could just *bump* it up, but I can't find it. I seem to be having that problem a lot [my own fault] since things are being moved around.

    I have saved a few files recently that have been posted by folks who are newer to the forum. When I went to print them, they came out blurry. I went back in to make sure that I saved them the proper way & I saved them first by clicking on the file name; then I came back & saved them by clicking on the file itself, enlarging when they would enlarge, then saved. Most of them wouldn't enlarge, which happens when they have been saved in the lower DPI [i.e. 72, or default]; therefore they printed out blurry.

    Since there are several newer folks here who may not have seen the posts about saving in the higher DPI [i.e. 300], I wanted to *bump* up that post from a few years ago as it was awesome in helping me out, & I know others had replied that it helped them to.

    That post basically had the tutorial on saving files in the higher DPI for sharing here on the forum, so that when we print them out, they print out sharp & clear.

    Would anyone happen to have that post saved so we could *bump* it back up for the newer folks? Or know where to find it? There are some beautiful shares, but they won't print correctly, so I was hoping to bring that up so we could get the items saved in the higher DPI.

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  1. Wrapcandy
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