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  1. ryansaw

    NEWS Elite Bonus Jan 2019 How to Get Everything You Want Out Of Life

    Preview of Our First Elite Bonus of 2019. View: Elite Members This is available in your account right now to download for Free. *Bonus items are available for a...
  2. ryansaw

    NEWS Logging In Fix

    Some members have had problems logging into the forum and the solution that seems to be working is simply changing your password. You can do this by going to your Wrapcandy Account profile (login if prompted) and clicking the change password link. If that...
  3. ryansaw

    NEWS Please Use the Help Desk

    I am asking members to utilize the Help Desk for Any Account Related Questions. I am not on facebook often enough to provide support for every comment and every member. It is nearly impossible as comments get buried quickly. And thanks to junk filters email is not much better so for the...
  4. ryansaw

    Accounts before 2016 Restored for the Most Part

    If you ordered Wrapcandy before 2016, please try to login the members area There is a good chance your account has been restored for the most part.