Answers to Some Questions for members.. Like Membership, Why the New Forum?

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    This forum is our 4th forum in our 12 year history. It will completely replace our 900,000 post SMF board within the week.

    Why The Change?

    There are a few reasons.

    1. The old board is a heavily modified open source software script that needs a lot of work just to get it to function properly. The database has far too many patches and hacks that i have applied over the years to keep it from falling apart; it is simply not stable
    2. The Monthly Fees to run such an active board and the time I was losing with my family was far too great a sacrifice.
    3. The new board has many more features and options to build upon and with funding will provide a better and more fun environment for members as well as opportunities for members.
    4. Without the change, their would not be a support board.

    Why Can't I Download from the Old Forum?

    The old forum shares are available to Elite or Team Wrapcandy Members. If you are a newer members (less than 3 months) you will have the ability to add a free 1 month trial in your Account. Just login to your account click on Add or renew and you will see the Trial Membership Options.

    Do I have to Join the Membership to use this forum?

    No, the forum will have some free areas open to you for support and some daily shares. but you will only be able to download a few items per day. Once you reach you limit you will not see or download shares until you wait 24 hours.

    What are the benefits of becoming a Monthly or Yearly Member?

    Too Numerous to list. No Upload and Download Limits, Can Submit have one offsite resource not associated to with Wrapcandy Marketplace. May have a store on Both of Our Marketplace Stores.

    A completely hidden Discussion Board and little to no advertisements getting in their way.

    The secret, is I just Ninja'd your mind.

    Don't know what that means? You will. In our new course for Elite Members. Look for it this week in the Elite Section.
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