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  1. maxluv Staff Elite Plus

    @anamaron they did turn out really cute... I finally went to the store yesterday but they didnt have the smaller bags that i was thinking of, here they sell a pack of 5 or 6 for $1 at the dollar store ( i didnt go to the dollar store tho), i got the next size as that was all this store had was going to try that one today but got busy with other things and well didnt get to it.

    Id only do them for say a kid or 2 because of the cost like @paulakw says tho.. I can't see ppl spending over $1 for a 20 cent or 35 cent bag of chips, unless it was for a small party. Like some kids have a party and only invite say 12 kids to it or less, then i can see them possibly willing to pay just because its special. What i would hate to see is a kid go tearing into the bag without even looking to see how cute the bag is,lol. Like when i do personalized candy bars and the kids just rips off the wrapper and tosses it, OUCH
  2. anamaron Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    as much as I agree with you and Paula, I have been amazed at what people buy and how much they are capable to spending on their kids and grandkids! It amazes me.. I wouldn't...but many people aren't frugal like me. So, I'll give them a try. I think they are darling!

    Here is my patriotic one..BUT, I won't use glossy paper again. The regular copy paper that I used yesterday for Roxy's was perfect and easier to manage. The glossy paper wrinkled too much and I did not like the feel...PLUS if I use glossy paper I would have to charge more unlike the regular copy paper.

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  3. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    thanks for showing us and thanks for the opinion/info about the glossy paper!!
    and you are right, some people dont even hesitate at spending a little extra money on something they like...(I like those people!! :) )
    I live near a tourist area and when I go over there, I can sell my stuff for double what I can in my local area... and still have some people tell me I don't charge enough.
  4. anamaron Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    That lady with the baseball baby girl...yeahhh her....she's still ordering!! She's ordered 5 inch round stickers (for the plates...yes!! For the paper plates!!), water bottle labels, the box cut out (which I pitched to her and she bought the idea and loved it), bubbles wrapper, cookie sleeves! She's well on $250! For her grand daughter's 1st birthday!! I'm sure I could pitch the potato chips wrapper and she'll buy it!! Oh wait!!! I WILL pitch it to her..gotta go and make another buck!
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  5. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    well...at least she is making it worth putting up with the indecision and the attitude!! sounds like it is turning out to be a nice order! Congrats on that!
    ...good luck on selling her on the chip bags !! :)
  6. wishfulthinker Roxy Staff Member Staff

    Lucky dip bags......... filled with goodies! yes.... Mainly for cjo
    @anamaron The glossy paper I use is actually a very light weight paper not like the photo paper so it isn't that expensive and I use it on all my wrappers.... my normal!
    But yours look brilliant anyway so go with what you like.... Hope your customer goes for it too...
  7. maxluv Staff Elite Plus

    Finally found the size chips that i wanted to try out, they are 1/2 oz bags..going to a kids party on Sunday and going to make up some for them as my treat. Working on a template now will show later on today what i come up with.
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  8. jenel Queen of Her Own World! Staff Member Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Love it Ana
  9. karenphoto Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Thanks for sharing this water proof paper with us. I went to their site and ordered a sample of the paper. I really like that you can print on it with a laser printer. I probably won't print chip bags on this paper but it will come in handy for other projects that require this kind of paper.
  10. karenphoto Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Thanks for the new template!
  11. audrey220 Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    Thanks so much for the templates. Ladies, when I make little mistakes(which is all the time) I say "charge it to my head and not my heart" LOL
  12. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Thank you for the template and the great idea:)
  13. maxluv Staff Elite Plus

    Here is a template that i used for the 1/2 oz Utz potato chips.. i printed on legal size paper . sized at 12 x 7.5

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  14. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    thank you for sharing with us !!
  15. wishfulthinker Roxy Staff Member Staff

    Well done @maxluv. Thank you for sharing your template. Aren't they cute made up!
  16. maxluv Staff Elite Plus

    Your welcome..yes they are cute made up...funny thing i shared a picture on a Cricut facebook page and everyone loves them, so of course ive been telling them i made them with WC, maybe some will come get the program,lol. And then a few other had made them for pop corn, and cotton candy, but they used some other program and said it was a lot of work, i said with WC we can print to legal size paper so it really wasnt that hard once you get the size right.

    I can't wait to post on my own page, havent since the person that i made them for will see them,lol..he will see them tomorrow so im holding off.
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  17. roberta [aka: Bobbi] Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Such a neat idea, will have to go buy some chips and give it a try.

    In regards to pricing, personally I print my own, so my paper ends up costing me about .02¢ each piece of paper. Now that doesn't include the ink, just the paper costs; but with the .02¢ for the paper and then some for the ink and then cost of the chips, I could still keep the cost pretty low and make a profit. Will have to go see how much the chips cost though, as I could be totally wrong, LOL.

    Thank you everyone for all the great input and thoughts. :)

    Will have to go see if there's a Fun Thread for the chip bags now. :D
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  18. melva 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    Love the chip bag idea. Thank you for sharing the templates
  19. ladyrosa "Rosa" Registered Member

  20. baseballmom 2017 Reunion Elite

    Ladies, you are amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  21. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member


    ok,, i think i read all the post on the CHIP BAG. its going to be my first project ladies.
    i dont have a laser printer, but a inkjet :)
    so to make these bags look really nice i need to use glossy flyer paper?
  22. sfandm Staff Member Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Registered Member

    When you are in a pinch, and don't have any glossy paper, since it is going to be a stiffer topper, I have used cardstock and then applied the clear shelf liner to it, makes it look glossy, and since chips tend to be greasy, they can actually wipe off pretty easily, if the recipients want to keep them afterwards. Just my 2 cents, LOL.
  23. nashsartwork 2017 Reunion Day Pass Team Permissions

    Great tip!
  24. sfandm Staff Member Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Registered Member

    I have been doing this for years, especially when making quart or gallon can labels, I am hoping to start a new thread soon that has a lot of tips and tricks some of us "Senior" members have been doing and using over the past 10+ years.
  25. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    ok,, u just confused me. LOL
    "stiffer topper"? what does that mean?

    please correct me if i'm wrong. My understanding is that you use the template to create your design. in this case i want to do a snack size chip bag.
    using flyer paper or card stock, i print the design, cut out the excess, glue edges, insert the chip bag inside the paper that i just printed, glue the back, top and bottom and then crimp the bottom and the top for a more realistic looking bag??

    is that about right ?

    can i use a regular inkjet printer on glossy paper?
    what paper would make these bags look really cute.
    i'm a grandma so not worried about paper cost on this projct. my grandson is always looking for something fabulous from his Nana :)
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