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  1. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    yep...you understand the chip bag assembly correctly and yes....presentation paper will work or light weight photo paper...matt or gloss finish either one...or brochure paper etc....
    really anything will work ...but I, personally, would not use cardstock as I think it will be too stiff for the bends of the bag wrapper , a lighter weight good quality paper would be best.....brochure or presentation paper

    if you use the glossy paper with a inkjet printer it takes a bit longer for the ink to completely dry...so as soon as it comes out of the printer, remove it from the tray and lay the sheet somewhere where it can lay flat to dry without getting touched...but yes...you certainly can use it for any project.

    personally I actually prefer the non glossy ....but a lot of people like the look of the gloss paper....basically, it is just personal preference....and I know your grandson will love it no matter what paper you use.

    I "think" maybe Sonya was referring to a bag topper for chip bags...but I cant be sure
  2. sfandm Staff Member Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Registered Member

    Sorry Phunter, in your original post you were asking about a bag topper, the one that I answered.

    Since then it has now gone to a chip bag template, sorry, my bad. You are good with what everyone else has been talking about. I was referring to the original bag topper post, in using cardstock to make a bag topper, to secure above the bag, and in my case, if I want it to look shiny, I put the clear Contact paper over it, which is sticky on one side. It actually looks really good. I am sharing a photo of some gallon cans I made years ago where I used this method to make them look "glossy" without the additional cost of a glossy paper. Mind you there is a gift bag I shrink wrapped over it, but I hop you get the general idea.

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  3. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    cute wrapper on that gallon Sonya !!
    I also use the contact paper on my gallons ...I like the look of that better than the glossy paper....especially nice if the gallon is for kids...such as the crayon cans...gives the gallon can a little longevity too
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  4. anamaron Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    I didn't like the glossy paper bc it wrinkled too easily. I used regular copy paper and it worked great!! Good luck and share w/us pictures!!
  5. wishfulthinker Roxy Staff Member Staff

    You can use pretty much anything @phunter. Try one with your standard paper - what you are saying is right but with wrapping there is no right and no wrong way. You may find you are perfectly happy with whatever you do. In first instance, try emulating one of your favourite packs and then going on from there.
    I use a lightweight gloss paper but have also used standard and also photo paper so really whatever takes your fancy.
  6. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    that is adorable!!! awwwwww :)
    where would you get empty cans like that? is there a template for that? LOL... yall are going to make me quit my job and craft all day. LOL
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  7. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    good idea!! i'm on the hunt for glossy paper around the office LOL!!
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  8. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    i'm seeing a lot of bags on ETSY and they look glossy and really cute but it just might be the camera, but i'm definitely going to try a couple different types of paper to see which one i like best.
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  9. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    the blank template for gallon cans can be found in the template and dimensions thread

    Featured - Templates And Dimensions Guidehttps://wrapcandy.com/ourcommunity/threads/templates-and-dimensions-guide.216/

    empty gallon cans can be purchased at most home improvement stores such as Lowes, Menards, Home Depot etc as well as other hardware type store such as Ace Hardware, Hardware Hank , Tru-Value etc and some paint stores offer them too ...stores like Sherwin Williams and Diamond Vogel...different areas have different independent paint stores/chains
    as for pricing...you just have to check in your area to see who has the best pricing...I have paid as little as $1.67 per gallon with lid and as much as $4.78 per gallon

    some of the home improvement places offer the quart cans as well.

    there are places online that sell the gallon can too but usually have to buy in quantity.
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  10. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    OK,, good to know thank you!!
  11. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    you have me super excited about trying this.. hopefully in a couple of weeks i'll have a sample to show you guys.. thank you and enjoy ur weekend!!
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  12. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    :) love to hear when someone is excited about creating something or trying something new !!
  13. csteele Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Member Registered Member

    These are awesome, Now I have to go to the store and buy some little bags of chips. Thanks for sharing
  14. anamaron Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    WELLL... I got a big order for the potato chips ....and it was Dr. Seuss theme! TOO CUTE... These are really very easy to make! And i just use regular copy paper...it's easy to bend and it holds better than cardstock or any other thick paper or even glossy paper!

    She was SOO happy with them. One tidbit for those that may do them. I seal the seam first!! I use HOT GLUE, because tape including double sided, busts open! So I hot glue the seams first. It looks like a cylinder. I then slide the chip bag through the top opening...and from the bottom opening, I help it pull there! Once it's inside, just use double side tape to the ends, and crimp!

    I was trying to seal them w/the chip inside... forget that method! It's too hard and not as efficient. You're trying to hold the chip in place and the one side to get to the other side to adhere! Nahhhh... Glue it first on the seams, then it's easy!

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  15. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    cute design Ana.....my niece would love it and be beyond excited to share them with her friends!!
    ...and great tips!!
    ...thank you for sharing the picture of your project and also the helpful tips!!
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  16. anamaron Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    This is for your niece Paula..if this is what you meant!! I saved different versions w/and w/o the verse and w/and w/o the circle. The one w/the verses ...be sure to put someone's name in the empty slots. I used Grinched font.

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  17. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    well, I didn't necessarily mean for you to share it .....but am certainly thrilled that you did !!:)
    The niece I was referring to is Brandy ...the dancer...16 years old ...but she plans on having Dr. Seuss as her graduation theme...
    however.....she has a dance team bonding day coming up at the end of this month ...think I will make up enough of these for her to take to that and share with the team
    Thank you so much for choosing to share with us !! She is gonna love them :)
  18. anamaron Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    You're SOOO welcome!! She's the beautiful dancer!! WHat a fun theme! SO popular these days too :)
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  19. oyuki Elite Plus

    Thank you for the clever idea, and I snagged the design.
  20. dalaco 2017 Reunion Elite Registered Member

    Thank you for the template.
  21. tlsikora Tammy Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Member

    Guess I missed this one before. Thanks Ana!
  22. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    hi ladies! hope all has been well. Thanks for the download Ana! its adorable!!
  23. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    is there a way to change the colors?? I'm doing a baby shower for my newest grand baby and my colors are light & medium tone blue with elephant theme with polka dots and stripes(well the plates are stripes). i have CorelDraw. can i use it to edit?

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  24. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    I am unclear what you are asking here....... yes, there are ways to change colors ...but ...change the colors of what??
    if you mean change the colors of something that was shared here ...you would need to check with the person that shared it ...not everyone allows color changes (or other altering) to their shares ...however if it is something that was shared here...the person may be able and/or willing to design in the colors you need...but again , you need to go directly to the person that posted the share

    if you are referring to the possibility of changing the colors of something you got somewhere else, you would have to check the TOU of the person/site you purchased from ...again many do not allow altering or changing color of their work.

    as for CorelDraw ...I am not familiar enough with the program to know if color changing can be done with that program or not, ...maybe someone else can advise as to that part of your question
  25. phunter 2017 Reunion Registered Member

    thanks Paula
    i thought i had replied directly to Ana post but maybe i didnt.
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