Christmas hershey bar wrappers

Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by bkgaddess, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. bkgaddess 2017 Reunion Day Pass Team Permissions Registered Member

    I'm back here again, but I' not finding what I need. Where do I find hershey bar wrappers for Christmas? Thanks, Karen
  2. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    they are all over the place.. waay too many to try and post individual links ....

    .one place to check is the November and December round ups
    Wrapcandy Round Up Every FIRST Friday

    also check out the early Christmas fun threads and also the Christmas fun threads years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

    you might use the search to find the above mentioned or do other searches for individual threads for wrappers
    I have the best luck with the search if I click on the search and then use the advanced search option ...
    will probably have better luck with term SOE rather than Hershey bar wrapper ... search can only go by whatever we type in and what matches what we type ....although Hershey bar wrapper and SOE are one in the doesn't know try to use words that might be used when posting the shares

    let us know if there is a way we can better help ...
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  3. OP

    bkgaddess 2017 Reunion Day Pass Team Permissions Registered Member

    Thank-you. I see what I was doing wrong! I needed to put soe.
  4. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    that will bring up any that are specifically titled Christmas SOE ...but you will still have better luck checking the other threads I suggested ...those threads will have multiple shares from various members ....pages and pages of Christmas theme wrappers
  5. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Paula, thanks for helping:)
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