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Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by gaylex, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. gaylex Registered Member

    I haven't been on Much in almost a year. My mom found out she had lung cancer in Oct. She did really good until lastweek. And now they have sent her in Hospice care. I am trying to plan ahead but I want to make some gift tags to tie on some flower seeds I seen a cute seed packet online for.
    Funeral Memorial Remembrance Gifts. That had poppy's on bottom And I would want to
    put her name and stuff on it. I have also seen forget me not flower seed packets with a Avery type label on it. I have no clue on templates or label things. Any suggestions
    Thank you
  2. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    first of all, so sorry for your Mom's condition and the situation you are in, my heart goes out to you at this time and all you are going through in losing her and making final arrangements... prayers sent for you and your family

    I am not really sure I am clear or understanding what you are asking for help with...your thread title saya gift tag....but most of your subject content refers to seed packets and using avery I am a bit confused

    the dimensions thread has several different templates for gift tags
    reply 79

    cocoa/hot chocolate packet would be much the same as a seed packet...and you can adjust the size to suit your needs as the brand/type of seeds you get will make a difference in the size you need....the cheapest way is to purchase bulk seeds and make smaller seed packets and add the seed yourself. ...have seen this done for weddings with a little saying....
    cocoa packet reply 114

    another idea would be to make just a single fold card and use a glue dot to adhere a package of seeds inside the card ...that would give you the front of the card, the back of the card and one side of the inside to add your verse and other information you want
    You would want to make it just a small bit larger than the seed packet

    if you decide how you want to do it and let us know what we can help with , someone may be able to offer more to help you out ...

    here is a link to a memorial/sympathy set I designed when my brother passed away...I don't really have any of the pieces you are asking for here...but I did share a memory gallon can ...which you might like to utilize is a gallon can and you provide slips of paper for people to write down a favorite memory they have and put it in the can ...and then the family has those cards to read through and remember
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    gaylex Registered Member

    Sorry I was sitting with my mom. I am looking for a template that either I can print either a label to put either on a seed packet or one that looks like gift tag I can punch a hole and tie on a bag with ribbon.
  4. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    to print on will need to use the templates that coincide with whatever brand labels you that they will line up correctly the package usually has the information right on it as where to access the templates

    I posted a link above for gift tag templates
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    gaylex Registered Member

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    gaylex Registered Member

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    gaylex Registered Member

    Thank you Paula
  8. OP

    gaylex Registered Member

    Thank you Paula
  9. Philip Spangler Registered Member

    Sorry to hear, there are many options in wrapcandy and the above link will surely help you.

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