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Discussion in 'Wrapcandy Elite Main Sharing Board' started by rjk1234, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. rjk1234 Registered Member

    I have made a wrapper which looks really good but the question I have is how do you put different letters on the wraper? I put the letter on there and get 12 of the same letter is there a trick I do not know about. LOL

  2. momrae Registered Member

    Maybe each letter or word you do should be done in a different text box and just put together.
  3. aaw6413 Registered Member


    A couple of things to check...

    1. If you're working in WC...make sure the properties of the wrapper you are working on is labeled as 'None' and that the dimensions are 8.4 by 10.9 (see pic below)

    1a. The RED LINE that shows you what will print should be around ALL of the minis

    2. Also make sure you've opened a file that has more than one mini in it...(I've attached a file that has 15 blank minis for you)

    This way you can design each mini separately, have the right letter on each of them, and then print them on ONE page!

  4. turkeyday53 2017 Reunion Registered Member


    You are now officially my new best friend. Having flunked out of Wrap Candy for Dummies & Idiots more than once, I finally got it. Maybe all the hair I pulled out this week will finally grow back. I owe you big time. Want some candy?
    Eileen :-D
  5. You could make your own also just by making one mini with the mini label, then choose none and just copy and paste just the background or border then add different text or font/letters to each one. Then save that as 'your' 15 mini template. Tip: use the line insert, change the thickness to .01 and use the lines for guides on keeping them all level, for cutting after printing.

    The method of madness here is you open 'New' mini template and you can just put a box in there with a very thin .01 and just copy that 14 more times and line them up. Then fill in your background. vise versa...whatever's easier.
  6. 24fan Registered Member

    Thank you!!! I enjoyed seeing how you did it also. You made life a little easier.
  7. aaw6413 Registered Member

    Ahh...Thanks ya'll. I have to say that it feels nice to be able to help someone else, since everyone has been so very sweet to me!

    Hey Eileen...candy? who me? um....never touch the stuff! (right.......can you say 'don't eat the inventory Amy!!!'?) :-o

    cheers my friend!
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