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  1. tambur8 Registered Member

    Hi everyone. I am not really a newbie but I am new back from years ago so this board is all new to me. I am wondering why I can't click on anyones pictures and see them. They are all blocked with a watermark that says please log in? I am logged in and I am not looking at the Elite board which I realise is paid (Can I still buy a membership to that area), I was looking at the other boards. Grammy had posted pictures of some candy bouquets that I was trying view but when I click on them they says please log in?

    Thanks so your help :)
  2. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    while there are areas you can access as a registered member or even without a membership, but they are very limited, and you have to have the paid membership to view/snag Elite forum
    you can take advantage of the offer here...or check your membership information from the past and upgrade as is fitting for you (see the add/renew membership tab in this same link)

    please let me know if you need further assistance
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  3. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Paula, thank you for explaining things.
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