NEWS Where’s Ryan???!!


Cheri A
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Jun 17, 2008
Has ANYONE been in contact with Ryan? I have opened two tickets at the Help Desk in an attempt to get help resolving my access problems to the Elite area and I’m getting NO response. I’ve paid for a Lifetime Elite Membership in 2016 but CAN NOT get into the Elite area of this forum. How does one go about contacting him?
I am having the same seems like Ryan has fallen off the disappointed with how this amazing group has gone. It used to be amazing....with great customer support and lots of interaction...its sad when people loose interest and walk away...but worse when they walk off with our money. I was an affiliate....Ryan still owes me me 60.00. I'll never see that I guess...either. Paid for a lifetime membership and got nothing. Tried sending in the tickets for answers...nothing. Better Business Bureau should be our next step I guess. So disgusted and disappointed in him.


Roberta (aka: Bobbi)
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Feb 17, 2005
Southern Maryland
wrapfun4me, on April 24th Ryan posted the following for you in the other area where you posted....

@wrapfun4me Added lifetime Elite to your Account hopefully that took care of it for you.
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Apr 15, 2011
I, too, have had a problem contacting and/or receiving a reply for Ryan. I have sent several ticket numbers, but no reply. I purchased membership back in 2011 and had a computer crash. All I want is to be able to get a new download for my new computer. What do I need to do to get a response?