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Discussion in 'Wrapcandy Elite Main Sharing Board' started by jilliebean, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Sorry Paula, I already booked the sleigh to Ana's house:)
  2. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    well then scooch over and make room for one more butt in that sleigh ...I don't wanna be left out ! :rolleyes:
  3. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Okay, fine ~sigh~, I booked one more seat for you Paula. Wasn't easy, but I did it:)
    Hey, maybe we could stop at your family's for seconds:)
  4. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    LOL.....thanks for getting a seat for me ! :)
    but...it wouldnt do any good to stop here for seconds...with my parents gone and Mitch gone ... not much here for Christmas meal this year .......with the nieces and nephews getting older and getting married and starting their own families, it gets hard for everyone to get to all the in-laws and stuff...so it gets hard to find a time for all of us to get together...and with Mom and Dad and 3 of my siblings gone...it just isnt such a priority in the grand scheme of things ...more important for the immediate families to have time together for the holidays
    ...my younger sister and her family will be at her in-laws ...my older sister will be with her 2 boys and their families and they are about 2 hours away...so not much going on here for Christmas dinner.. ....of course I was invited to both ...
    but just wasn't feeling it this year...looking forward to some down time for Christmas this year. My younger sister and her family will stop in for a bit Christmas night after they leave my brother in-laws family get together....just because my little Brandy worries about Aunt Paulie being alone for Christmas.

    but you are welcome to come for New Years...we will get together on New Years day and do the New Years Specken Dicken tradition (New Years pancakes) ... lots of good food and fun and friendly banter.
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  5. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Well, that is kind of why we are going away at this time of year. I only had 1 sibling (brother passed away). My mom is gone and my Dad is coming up 96 and really doesn't want all the Christmas hoopla. I have 2 great nieces, but they have small children and need to make their own family tradition (we were also invited). They will take care of grandpa on Christmas eve. It just hasn't been the same since my brother's passing sooooooo we will be somewhere in the desert for Christmas with who knows what for Christmas dinner. We are fortunate to be travelling with our very good friends so no matter where we are or what we eat it will be a good Christmas.

    But........girl, I sure would like to be there for the new years breakfast.
  6. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    well...we would certainly make breakfast for you if you were here ...but we typically do the pancakes for dinner....they are such a heavy meal ........

    I would love to be in the desert with you...as long as you have arranged for nice temps .....:rolleyes::)
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  7. sfandm Staff Member Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Registered Member

    This is a cute set, love the variety of different girls in the set. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  8. dalaco 2017 Reunion Elite Registered Member

    Thank you for sharing.
  9. smjackson2 Blessed Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Cute ~ thanks for sharing!
  10. roberta [aka: Bobbi] Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Thank you for sharing. :)
  11. anamaron Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    ohh my gosh too funny!!! I missed out on these!! I didn't see you guys this Christmas...did the sleigh get stuck somewhere?
  12. jenel Queen of Her Own World! Staff Member Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    These are so cute, thanks
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