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    >>>NOTE: This never worked with our setup properly. It was a great idea, but it was too difficult to maintain and keep updated. <<<< end NOTE

    Lifetime Elite Plus Membership with Wrapcandy Pro can now be earned and or purchased with Credits... Oh but you have to earn or Purchase a ton. Hopefully the new credit system will be fun. Details will be posted in a video soon with text on how to earn. (By posting, sharing, liking, adding an avatar etc.)

    Elite + (Plus) is the Highest Membership for Wrapcandy and has tons of bonuses. It is just like the Elite except you get your own social forum. You can invite members to join and learn what it is like to manage a forum.

    So What is Elite? It is almost like your all access pass to Wrapcandy. You get the membership, for life and all updates to Wrapcandy 7.4 Professional as well as the bonus items.

    Elite allows you Unlimited downloads, unlimited sharing, minimal advertisements and access to nearly every board for life. Higher Attachment Sizes and Spaces and even the ability to start your own Social Forum on Wrapcandy (Note, all forums are still must adhere to our standards but you can choose the topic or subject) It can be for your own company or it can be used as a fun social and friendly sharing network.

    We will help you keep the riffraff out so you can concentrate on building it up. (Note, Elite Plus will also have a training course for online sales and marketing.

    If you haven't seen that you can now change your USERNAME feel free to check out our other Store Credit offerings.

    Check out our other Store Credits Offerings.

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