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While looking for a craft I could make for my family and friends for birthday parties, I happened upon Wrap Candy. I have used it so many times for favors for birthdays,graduations, weddings, baby showers, engagements etc. for my friends and family celebrations. I do not charge them, but I get such a good feeling doing it. I'll be 80 in April, son got me a new computer w Micro10 prog, but I cannot get it to work
I found it.
Sorry, I just came home and saw this now. Glad you got that worked out:)
Can you tell me how to put a different picture on here to represent me?
Nice to see the site back up!! Happy New Year it will be :)
Hey Tiffanie,

You should have access to the templates in your account.

Sign in if prompted, and then Click on the downloads tab.
If it's not there let me know
You should be able to click on the templates from your dashboard once you login.
Paula, I am trying to purchase your membership. Can you please assist me.
Loving expanding my chocolate business
It has been awhile since I have been on here.... Can someone point me in the direction of Templates??
So nervous. Trying to recover files on computer.
Nat - I sent you a personal message with some info
ajones76 - if you post your questions to the forum we can better help you...these profile posts limit the number of words we can use
I'm new to Wrapcandy. Where do I start? Graphics, backgrounds, etc. What is commercial use area?
what do i need to do.. someone help ..please
and it says i am new.. what in the world..i am lost....lost....l.o.s.t
i am lost? been here off and on for years ... lost everything when computer went down .. now i cant download anything back,, :(
I have been a member for years and recently started again. My ? Is I heave wrapcandy on my desktop computer but recently purchased a Microsoft surface 3 how do I download from my old computer to my new tablet? Is there something in my profile I need to do? Thank you.
I sent you a personal message with some information Angela
Good morning Paula,

I am so confused with the new site. I am not having any luck. I was searching for baby shower, bow ties, and I keep coming up with zilch. I don't know what to do.
Hello Paula, I am newly back.... and really confused to the new pages. Whats new that people are making?
Hello Paula,

Regarding access to the mega download for 7.3, I have Limited Time Promotion Wrapcandy 7.3 Basic Free 1 Year Team Wrapcandy Membership - expires 03/22/16 do I need more than that. I am really confused. Please help.
everything is so different than before. I am so very
Hi everyone, hope some of the members remember me !!
It has been added to your account. Welcome to the Elite Plus Business Membership.