It's A Party!
It's A Party!

Make Personalized Candy Wrappers with our Candy Wrappers Software

Make Personalized Candy Wrappers
Bubbles, Suckers, Paint Cans and More with our
Candy Wrapper Software!

Over 35,000 Copies Sold World Wide and counting.

It’s Easy with Our Award Winning Candy Wrapper Software.  Thousands of different choices and occasions all at your finger tips.    Add your Own Photos and Graphics for that personal touch.


Can you Imagine the excitement and feeling of being able to give your loved one a handmade personalized product that costs pennies on the dollar?

I bet you already have most of the supplies you need to get started right now.  Some plain copy or photo paper, a pair of scissors, and a color printer.

Now all you need is the perfect software to create these wonderful gifts. That’s how we can help.

Bunch of Bunny'sWe have thousands of designs just waiting for you to customize, print and assembled.   It really is that easy.  Just install our software, open a design, personalize the text and print.  You can add your own photos to make it more personal.  Our software can do that and so much more.

What makes our software great, is that you are NOT limited to just candy wrappers and you can make just about anything!  You don’t need any extra software, you don’t have to pay outrageous fees for new designs, and you are not stuck with anything.  You can change text, add text, change fonts, lighten and darken images, make colors transparent, resize pictures, save and edit later.  There are so many thing you can personalize and Create from the comfort of your own home.

If you are a stay at home Mom or Dad, in my case, you can even make a tremendous income making and selling personalized products.  The profit potential is amazing.

For instance, a standard candy wrapper without the chocolate sells for about a $1.00 each on average.  It costs less than 8 Cents to make one.  That is a huge profit margin.  It’s almost like printing your own money.  Best of all, we don’t charge you royalties to use our products or designs.  You can print and sell as many as you like and keep your revenue.

Remember, this is not JUST candy wrapper software.  It started out that way but has evolved into an amazing program.  Instead of making multiple versions of our software,  and having customers buy plug-ins we made it an all in one program.  It is an easy to use graphics program that is so affordable and versatile you’ll be amazed.

You can make matching designs for Candy Bar Wrappers, Water Bottles, Lotions, Bubbles, Bookmarks, Gift Cans, Diaper Cakes, Mint Tins and so many more. The possibilities are practically endless.

paincansSoap, Candy Cakes, Mint Books, Fun Size, M&M’s, Altoids,  Bubbles, Pint Size Jars, Open End Wrappers, Closed End Wrappers, Suckers and the list goes on.  You’ll have instructions on how to size and make any kind of wrapper that you would like.   Your creativity begins here!

With the purchase of any version of our Wrapcandy Software, you have access to Thousands of Designs FREE! Best of all, we do not put our company name on our items.

  • Key Features Summary
  • Compare Features
Wrapcandy Basic is for personal use Only (Family, Friends, Events etc.  We do allow Fundraisers for charity or school functions

Wrapcandy Pro is for commercial use and has the following added abilities:

Able to crop within the program.

Save as PNG, JPG in up to 600 dpi.

includes a Batch Converter to create thumbnails of all wrapcandy files into image displays on the fly.

With Wrapcandy Pro, you can sell our designs in printed format and never give Wrapcandy Credit. (we do appreciate it though)

Basic VS Pro

Program Version

Wrapcandy Basic

Wrapcandy Professional

Access to Thousands of Pre-made Customizable Designs


Yes Yes
An Online Download Depot



No Plugins needed! Already Built in.



Save and edit your design in our custom candy wrapper format.



Access to Over 15,000+ Images



Add Gradient Text, Circle Text, Wavy Text



The ability to resize, flip, rotate Mirror images



One Year Free Updates Included



Insert Heart, Stars, Circles, Arrows, and Box Shapes.



The Ability to Hide a Color on your Image to make it Transparent
Yes Yes
Fill them and outline them with any color combination.
Yes Yes
The Ability to Print Multiple Candy Wrappers to a sheet
Yes Yes
Rotate Your Text, images and shapes a full 1 to 360 degrees
Yes Yes
Match your colors with our Catch a color tool built right in.
Sorry, not included Yes
Zoom in and out & Undo Changes
Yes Yes
Add Your Own Logo or Company Name
Yes Yes
Add dashed, dotted or straight lines
Yes Yes
Print 1 as a draft to preview.
Yes Yes
Access to the Largest Candy Wrapper Support forum
Yes Yes
Commercial Use Allowed
Yes Yes
Save in JPG, PNG or BMP image formats
Sorry, not included Yes
Lighten or Darken your images within the program.
Yes Yes
Allowed to Install on Up to 3 Devices
Yes Yes
Crop any aspect of your design in Heart, Square, Circle or Oval Shapes.
Sorry, not included Yes
Access to Our Optional Latest Version 7.3 with More Features
Yes Yes
Wrapper Wizard
Yes Yes
Extra Shapes to color, and fill
Yes Yes
Opaque Feature (One of the Best Features)
Yes Yes
Batch Convert Wrapcandy Files To Images
Sorry, not included Yes
Save in PDF
Sorry, not included Yes

Feature Compare

As low as $34.00.


Includes Over $260.00 in Bonuses

Instant Download and Access to Our Candy Wrapper Forum



Testimonial:  From Alice

personalized candy wrappersWhile searching the web for candy wrappers, I came across a local company that made personalized candy wrappers, I decided to call them.After a long conversation, the owner told me she made a bad choice by buying into an expensive company that had pre-made candy wrappers and expensive foil pouches. She then told me about Wrap Candy and highly recommend it and how you can custom design anything with the Wrap Candy software. She did not want another person to make the same mistake she did and buying into a $500 program.  I was very excited after I talked to her and googled Wrap Candy and purchased the 7.1 Professional that night! After the instant download, I was able to make my own candy wrappers with the clipart supplied with the program… I would not be here today if I did not buy Wrap Candy! I highly recommend Wrap Candy to everyone!Alice Jones Ellenton, FL.  (Read More Testimonials)

Make Any Type of Personalized Party Favor for Any Occasion

with our Candy Wrapper Software

Make Candy Wrappers

Personalize Anything

  • Testimonial Jennifer Niziankowicz
  • Testimonial Yahaira Robles
  • Lee Siefert


I purchased Wrap Candy and was a bit hesitant at first because it actually seemed to good to be personalized candy wrapperstrue. Well people that tell you if its too good to be true than it probably is are WRONG!. This program allowed me to offer so many different personalized products to my customers all the while being able to stay at home with Little Man! Who wouldn’t love being able to make your customers happy and at the same time watching and witnessing every little detail of your children’s lives. I love WRAPCANDY!!! Jennifer Niziankowicz Owner of SWEETUMS


personalized candy wrappers

Wrapcandy is the best program ever. This is the second and last program i bought to do candy wrappers on. When i bought thisprogram i didn’t know i was going to get a really great group of people on the forum that will help you and walk you thought the program. i learned this program by my self before knowing about the group on the forum. i never joined a forum and this was my first one and was really happy with it. This program is really easy to use. Once you learn this program its a breeze there is so much you can do with this program. Its way worth what you pay for it. Yahaira Robles ~  Chicago Illinois 


personalized candy wrappersIcing on the cake – Testimonial

Accidentally, found Wrapcandy on eBay. The best thing that ever happened; purchasing the software. It unlocked creative talents within me. I’ve always had talent for designing various different things, but this software has been the ”icing on the cake”, so to speak.Truth of the matter is, there’s no stopping with the number of items you can make. Simple to use their software, designs and templates, and allows you to make any custom template of your choice. Excellent product, addicting forum to share ideas and help and highly recommended for personal or commercial use. Tried the others? Now try the best.~NKSiefert~ (Lee Siefert) Illinois

  Nksiefert (Lee) is currently a Wrapcandy Moderator. She volunteers her time and is on the forum practically everyday. She has been using our Candy Wrapper Software for nearly 9 years!” Click here to read more testimonials

Bonus Downloads

  • Bonus Downloads
  • Professional Extras
Profitable Crafts eBaook  Proven techniques
to help your
craft sales soar!
Provided by a published designer
with over 15 years experience!
Profitable Crafts eBook is a $19.97 Value You get it for FREE

25 Stock Photos From Buell Phphotography Used under License

personalized candy wrappers personalized candy wrappers personalized candy wrappers personalized candy wrappers

Cute hand drawn Professional Graphics from built into the software

Bonus Graphics

A $20.00 Value FREE.  You can use these on Hand Finished Products for Fun or Profit!

Free Poster Maker Software

Wine label Maker

Additional Gifts for Wrapcandy Professional Members
Resize Images

Quick Photo Resizer Software

Pro members Bonuses

Tami Matta Club Pro


Pro Members Additional Bonus

As low as $34.00.


Includes Over $260.00 in Bonuses

Instant Download and Access to Our Candy Wrapper Forum


See More Awesome Bonuses from our Graphics Partners. 

13 in all with fantastic designs for members! 

Over $250.00 worth of Great Graphics if you were to purchase them individually.

Still not Convinced? Please see the wonderful testimonials on the forum.  Anyone can make up testimonials, but these are from real and active members.  Also, be sure to view our online catalog filled with designs.  (Remember, there are many more in the forum)


Purchase Options:

You get More So much with the purchase of our Candy Wrapper Software!

30 Day money Back Guarantee.


30 Day Money Back

Get Full Access Today!   Everything you see in our catalog, can be accessed, personalized  and used for fun or profit.

Plus Thousands more in the Forum.

Automatically become a lifetime member to our awesome support forum

  Availability: (Instant Download)
Software Media: Download and or CD-Rom
Software Platform: Microsoft ;  Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Win XP & MAC*  See Info about Mac HERE

Yes, I would like to Make Awesome Candy Wrappers, Bubbles, Personalized Paint Cans, Party Tickets and more with the Wrapcandy Software.

I understand that I get instant access to thousands of different designs including everything in Catalog

I know that I can use them for fun or profit.

 Instant Access for as low as $34.00.  Start making Candy Wrappers in Minutes.

Learn about about the software features

There are NO Monthly charges, and you can design and print as many items as you like! NEVER Pay Royalties.

P.S.  Order within the next 24 hours to claim all of your free bonuses.  2 Free eBooks, 150 Free Graphics and Stock Photos, lifetime access to the support forum.  A $260.00 Value Yours Free!

P.P.S.  This is the Lowest Price of the Season and simply cannot last!   Claim Your Bonuses, and take advantage of our incredible software and offer.  

There is no affiliation between The Hershey Company,  and…

Though we do love chocolate candy bars.

 ~ Read Hershey’s Policy on making customized Candy Wrappers


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