Welcome to Wrap Candy!

Make Personalized Custom Party Favors or Start your Own Candy Wrapper Business With Wrap candy.

You likely have everything you need to get started.  A computer, printer some paper and a desire to create amazing personalized gifts.

You can make personalized Bubbles, Wedding Favors, Suckers, Paint Cans, Rolos, Gift Jars, Gag Stickers, Candy Wrappers, Mini Bars, Mintbooks, Baby Shower Favors and so much more.  You will be amazed at what you can create with the Ultimate  Candy Wrapper Software.

What We Do

Make Personalized Party Favors

Not only do we sell our Various Gift Making programs, but we also make and sell personalized party favors.  It is fun and profitable.

Help Small Businesses

We can provide you with the tools you need to assist you in your business.  When you purchase our Professional Candy Wrapper Software, you get the rights to personalize and print them for profit.

Wholesale Bulk Supplies are available for large sellers.

If you are just starting, please try our sister site candywrapperfoil.com.   Note: You are never obligated to purchase supplies from Wrapcandy.com or any of our partner sites.

Domain Registration and Hosting

If you need a website, hosting and domain name, check out the deals we have today.  Be sure to check back weekly because we pass our vendor savings on to you at the lowest price possible.

Wrapcandy Key Features

Wrapcandy Program Key Features:


  1. Access to Thousands of Customizable Designs
  3. Save and edit your design in Wrapcandy format.
  4. Access to Over 20,000+ Images
  5. Add Gradient Text, Circle Text, Wavy Text
  6. The ability to resize, flip, rotate Mirror images
  7. One Year Free Updates Included
  8. Insert Heart, Stars, Circles, Arrows, and Box Shapes.
  9. Hide a Color on your Image to make it Transparent
  10. Fill them and outline them with any color combination.
  11. The Ability to Print Multiple Candy Wrappers to a sheet
  12. Rotate Your Text, images and shapes a full 1 to 360 degrees
  13. Zoom in and out & Undo Changes
  14. Add Your Own Logo or Company Name
  15. Add dashed, dotted or straight lines
  16. Access to the Largest Candy Wrapper forum
  17. Allowed to Install on Up to 3 Devices
  18. Lighten or Darken your images within the program.
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  • Personalized gifts Software

    Personalized gifts Software

    Welcome to our Software portfolio Page  We have a variety of gift making Software programs to choose from.  These are maintained and updated often as many of them require up to date information.  Although  wrapcandy is our flagship softwareayou may…

Tori Spelling Loves Wrapped Candy

Alice from Ajwrappers with Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling Received Wrapped Candy for her children liam & Stella from Our Friend Alice with ajwrappers.com.

  • Testimonial: for Wrapcandy From AjWrappers.com

    While searching the web for candy wrappers, I came across a local company that made personalized candy wrappers, I decided to call them. After a long conversation, the owner told me she made a bad choice by buying into an expensive company that had pre-made candy wrappers and expensive foil pouches. She then told me about Wrap Candy and highly recommend it and how you can custom design anything with the Wrap Candy software.

    She did not want another person to make the same mistake she did and buying into a $500 program.

    I was very excited after I talked to her and googled Wrap Candy and purchased the 7.1 Professional that night! After the instant download, I was able to make my own candy wrappers with the clipart supplied with the program… I would not be here today if I did not buy Wrap Candy! I highly recommend Wrap Candy to everyone! Alice Jones ajwrappers.com Ellenton, FL.


    Testimonial from AjWrappers
  • I have to tell you how thrilled I am with the Wrap Candy program! I have had your program for over a year and a half now and I can honestly say - it's one of the best investments I've ever made! The program is full of lots of great features that make designing a wrapper a cinch. And, it's so user friendly! And the wonderful forum is the icing on the cake. Someone is always right there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. I'm so thankful I found Wrap Candy! Thank you so much!" Rhonda New Hampshire
    Rhonda Wrapcandy Testimonial.
  • Wrapcandy is the best program ever. This is the second and last program i bought to do candy wrappers on. When i bought this program i didn't know i was going to get a really great group of people on the forum that will help you and walk you thought the program. i learned this program by my self before knowing about the group on the forum. i never joined a forum and this was my first one and was really happy with it. This program is really easy to use. Once you learn this program its a breeze there is so much you can do with this program. Its way worth what you pay for it.

    Yahaira Robles www.creationsbyyahaira.com Chicago, IL
    Wrapcandy Testimonial Yahaira Robles
  • Icing on the cake - TestimonialAccidentally, found Wrapcandy on eBay. The best thing that ever happened; purchasing the software. It unlocked creative talents within me. I've always had talent for designing various different things, but this software has been the "icing on the cake", so to speak.Truth of the matter is, there's no stopping with the number of items you can make. Simple to use their software, designs and templates, and allows you to make any custom template of your choice. Excellent product, addicting forum to share ideas and help and highly recommended for personal or commercial use. Tried the others? Now try the best. ~NKSiefert~ (Forum Name) Illinois http://www.rogerwrapit.com "Nksiefert (Lee) is currently a Wrapcandy Moderator. She volunteers her time and is on the forum practically everyday. She has been using our Candy Wrapper Software for nearly 9 years!"
    Icing on The Cake Wrapcandy Testimonal