Question I'm having issue logging into WC 7.4, 503 error when registering


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Hello, I purchased wrapcandy 7.3 some yrs ago and was forced to update. I couldn't figure out how to do so without a new purchase. I did so November 2021 (purchased 7.4). The issue I'm having now is that whenever I attempt to register in the app, I get the 503 error for a server contact issue. Can anyone help?


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Please do a search for issues with registering as there are many threads and help in them. I looked at your account and you only had 7.3 that was paid for. I fixed it Sign out completely from wrapcandy. Uninstall it. Go to your account page on wrapcandy and download the 7.4 link that is under active resources (providing you are not running Windows 11 or on a MAC) and reinstall it.


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