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At one time we were able to access the old forums, not to download, but just to look and get ideas. Does anyone know if that is still possible/


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Hello, it's me Ellis !! I used to be one here sharing and looking at all the creative wrappers we have. Anyway, I was checking to see if the sub-forum "Ellis Island" is still available anywhere on the WrapCandy site? It was ALL the work I had ever created & shared. I was honored when Lee told me that they had created it to display my unique work & ideas. I've discussed this with Ryan a couple of times and he said he was trying to get it loaded after a recent crash.
I've recently moved and was going to try to make a Hershey bar wrap for a friend who is expecting her first child and I was going to find the file @ Ellis Island. (My computer crashed a year or so ago so I no longer have access to the hundreds of wraps I created and shared in the WC forum. Please, could someone either send me a copy of the entire Ellis Island file or point me in the direction so I can find the baby file I'm looking for? My email address is still [email protected] Thanks so much!!!
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