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I used a combination of WC and other crafting supplies. I used WC to design and print the quart can. Dollar Tree stickers were used to put on the front of the can for a 3D effect. Laminated the wrapper and attached using double sided tape. Scotch brand is the best. I use generic tape for candy wrappers but Scotch for all others projects. Scotch works the best.

For the candy bar, I used red foil bought from Foilman, and wrapping paper from DT and cut it to the size of what candy wrappr would be if I printed it from WC. Cut out shapes that were for the "text box" effect. Then added the same 3D sticker as the quart can.

Purple rhinestones were used to go around the heart shaped chocolate box Although it's hard to see.

Gift bags were decorated with pink foam hearts I already had in my stash.


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