instructions for candy cake


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Absolutely sure that someone shared the instructions for the candy cake. Have checked through my files and can't see that I saved it (probably because I knew I would not use it).
@rosa-min But, if I remember correctly, 3 cake discs different sizes for three tier cake, 2 cake discs for 2 tier cake. Work out how many hershey (if using them) by standing them up and putting around the disc. Once wrapped stick a bit of double sided tape onto the back of the bar and stick onto the disc. Possibly need a centre bit, This is just my trying to remember. Then do the same for the next smaller disc. Something like a kitchen roll tube joining the two pieces in the middle and a small bit of tubing on the bottom one so that the disc is off the ground. Not sure it is exactly right but it might give you an idea of how to do something. Hope this helps a little


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4" circle = 12 minis
6" circle = 19 minis
8" circle = 26 minis
10" circle = 33 minis
12" circle = 38 minis

All figures above are approximate, it will depend on how close together you place the miniature chocolates.


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