Wrapcandy Forum Memberships and Prices for 2020


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This is the tentative plan for membership levels on Wrapcandy

All Wrapcandy Pro Orders include 1 Year Pro Access to the Forum

Wrapcandy Free Membership $0.00
Access is limited to Promotional Freebies.

✅Wrapcandy Pro Membership
$24.00 Per Year*

Our Recommended Membership for File Sharing.
This will be donation based this year for existing members.
This is the main membership for creating and sharing.

🏢 Elite Membership $44 per year
Not yet available for purchase Still in the Early Planning Stages.
Highest Level Membership for business minded members.
Lifetime Elite Members have access to a hidden board.
Sharing is allowed, but all shares should be related to building or expanding your business.
Ryan, I purchased the software several years ago, couldn't access some things, so I repurchased the pro software last August 2019. I went to sign on to the forum here and it wouldn't let me. It said my email and username was not in the database. I had to rejoin under the basic just to get here. That's odd.


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Hello, I was an elite member before issues with the Wrapped Candy site. I got a new computer and had to download the software and it shows I am not an elite member. I do have the latest software on my old computer which still works. How can I get my Elite Status back without having to pay for a membership again.


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Thank you Ryan!! I'm SO SO SO HAPPY to be back!!! I use WC for EVERYTHING from designing wrappers to just designing ANYTHING!! I use it for vinyl designs, sublimation designs, you name it! Its the best! Missed you!!! --- Rebecca Duger


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Hi Ryan -- so if I am a lifetime elite member -- if I download to a new computer -- do I have to pay again?
You shouldn't have to pay again. I downloaded to a new computer and every thing works fine (printing etc.)


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Hi, before the site shutdown, I was an elite member with a Lifetime membership. Is my status still the same or will I have to purchase again.


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@audrey220, under your name on the left it is showing 'elite lifetime', so I believe that your status is the same and intact. :)
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